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  1. Theme of Isaiah
  2. Distinguishing feature of Habbakuk
  3. Theme of Lamentations
  4. Key truth developed in II Thessalonians
  5. Theme of Ezekiel
  1. a a dirge (funeral song) for Jerusalem's fall.
  2. b Patient sober waiting - Things that must happen before the second coming of Christ
  3. c God is still with us! Let's look forward to Christ.
  4. d The just shall live by his faith. (2:4)
  5. e Salvation is of Jehovah

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  1. Church - unity of all believers in Christ
  2. Speaks of "The day of the Lord," "The great day of the Lord," & "The day of the Lord's wrath."
  3. Folly of going back to OT pictures - True gospel of justification by faith, not justification by obeying laws
  4. Hope in persecution - future hope of the coming again of Christ
  5. Justice - Salvation is by sovereign grace alone; obedience of the law can not make us righteous before God.

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  1. Key truth developed in Hebrewsbetter - Christ is better than the OT pictures


  2. theme of DanielGod's sovereignty and care of His church while living among the raging nations.


  3. Key truth developed in ColossiansChrist covers completely - How to live knowing Christ is the only and all-sufficient Savior.


  4. Distinguishing feature of ZechariahSpeaks of "The day of the Lord," "The great day of the Lord," & "The day of the Lord's wrath."


  5. Distinguishing feature of JoelSpeaks of a severe plague of locusts and a severe drought