Ch. 1 Test

When a Protestant group broke away from the Catholic Church, it became a religious____.
In his book The Prince, _________ wrote a guide to rulers on how to gain and keep power.
Niccolo Macchiavelli.
The government run by church leaders in Geneva in 1541 was a __________.
The sun is at the center of the universe, according to a theory of _______.
Nicolaus Copernicus
Before airplanes were invented, _________ made skeletons of flying machines.
Leonardi da Vinca
The scientist _________ showed that gravity keeps planets in their orbits around the sun.
Isaac Newton.
A printing revolution began when ________ invented a printing press using movable type.
Johann Gutenberg
Those who believe in _______think that God has already decided who will be saved.
With the support of the Medici family, the city-state of __________produced many Renaissance artists and scholars.
The northern Renaissance began in the thriving trading region of __________
One way that the Renaissance artists reflected the new ideas of humanism was by painting....?
well-known people of the day
The city of Geneva became a model of Protestant morality under its leader_____.
John Calvin
As a result of the Peace of Augsburg in 1555...
Each German prince could decide the religion for his lands.
Sir Thomas Moore was executed because he....
Would not accept Henry VIII as head of the Church in England.
The pope set up the Council of Trent to..
direct the reform of the Catholic Church
What common subject of the northern Renaissance did Albrecht Durer's engravings portray?
religious upheaval
Rene Descartes believed that the best way to learn truth was to use..
In the 1600s, Robert Boyle's work transformed the field of ..
T/F: The Renaissance involved learning from classical Greek and Egypt.
False/ Greece and Rome
T/F: Humanism is an intellectual movement to understand classical cultures and a better understanding of the current times people are living in.
T/F: Petrarch was from the city state of Florence and is remembered for the library he collected.
T/F: Greece's location made it the natural place for the start of the Renaissance.
False/ starts in Italy
T/F: The Medici family is a great example of a powerful merchant class family exerting its influence over a city state.
T/F: The definition of patrons of the arts is that people were the fathers of the artists.
False/ they support the arts
T/F: The Renaissance time period included many new artistic techniques, including perspective , shading, lighting, using charcoal, mosaics, and drawing on cave walls.
False/ no drawings on cave walls
T/F: Gothic architecture enjoyed a great resurgence of popularity during the Renaissance.
False/ classical not gothic.
Wrote about the manners of the aristocratic class
Painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel
Painted the Mona Lisa
Leonardo da Vinci
Made the plans for the dome of St. Peter's Cathedral
Wrote The Prince
Painted the Last Supper
Leonardo da Vinci
Wrote "For all time"
Sculpted Moses
Painted the School of Athens
Sculpted David
Painted peasant scenes
peter Bruegel
Wrote Utopia
Thomas More
Named "Leonardo of Northern Europe"
Greatest humanist of Northern Europe
Painted townspeople and religious scenes
Jan van Eyck
Wrote a comedy about two giants
T/F: Martin Luther set out to create a new church
False/ wrote 95 thesis against Catholic Church
T/F: The Roman Catholic Church was a model of Christian love and treated all of its believers faithfully.
False/ Church abused power
T/F: The popes were great feudal lords and sometimes went to battle to protect their lands.
T/F: John Wycliffe was burned at the stake for his outspoken criticism of the Church.
False/ John Hus
T/F: Martin Luther was a Roman Catholic Bishop when he spoke out against the abuses of the Church.
False/ He was a German monk
T/F: The 95 theses were pounded on the door of a church so there would be so much noise to attract attention of all the people.
False/ No, they were just pounded onto the door for people to see on Sunday.
T/F: The 95 theses were all made up of falsehoods by Martin Luther
False/ They were arguments against the Church
T/F: Johann Tetzel was one of the best salesman the Roman Catholic Church had.
T/F: indulgences were an easy way to heaven
T/F: Holy Roman Emperor Charles V sided with the pope in his persecution of Luther.
T/F: The word Protestant was used to describe the people that opposed the Roman Catholic Church.
T/F: All the people who supported Luther did so on the basis of faith.
False/ supported to throw off rule of Catholic Church, and seize church property to use for other matters
T/F; The Peace of Augsburg was revolutionary in the treatment of the lowest class of people.
T/F; John Calvin believed that faith guaranteed everyone a place in heaven.
False/ He believed that your already chosen to go to heaven or hell
T/F: The ideal place to live during the Renaissance was Geneva, Switzerland because the secular rule was fair and the citizens could worship freely.
False/ terrible place to live
T/F: Calvinists believed in harsher punishments for Believers.
T/F: The Roman Catholic religion broke up into many different sects.
False/ Protestants broke up into sects`
Started the Church of England
Henry VIII
Received the title "Defender of the Faith"
Henry VIII
Second Daughter of King Henry VIII
Elizabeth 1
Cousin of Queen Elizabeth
Mary Queen of Scots
Mother lost her head because of an affair
Elizabeth 1
Wrote letters to Philip of Spain
Mary Queen of Scots
"Blood Mary"
Mary Tudor
Monarch when England defeated the Spanish Armada
Elizabeth 1`
Loved the have Protestants put to death
Mary Tudor
Describe the workings of the heart as a pump
Universe followed very strict laws
Polish scholar who first proposed heliocentric Model of the universe
Perfected microscope and saw cells
On deathbed said, "and yet it moves"
Ancient physician who set medical standards
"I think , therefore I am"
Laws of planetary motion
Stressed experimentation and observation
Created calculus
Placed under house arrest by Catholic Church for his scientific beliefs
Wanted science to make life better by leading to practical technologies
Created the graph