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Cardiovascular coding

the number of post-operatived days usually assigned for the global period following implantation of a pacemaker

90 days

a caheter is moved beyond the accessed into the aorta, is then passed to the renal artery. This is a

Selective Catheterization

when coding a change of battery in a pacemaker,

both the removal and the re-implantation are coded

to correctly report coronary bypass grafts, you must know

The number of vessel being grafted and if envolves arterial , venous or both

PTCA is an acronym for


Procedure entering the body to make a correction or for examination


supervision and interpretation codes for angiography are located where in the CPT manual?

radiology section

an example of a noninvasive cardiology procedure/service is:

cardiovascular stress test

the major division of the cardiovascular subsection is whether a procedure involed a ______________ vessel.

coronary or Noncoronary

If a clinic owns its own x-ray equipment, what modifier would be used when coding for the supervision of a cardiac catheterization


A device that can be inserted into the body to electrically shock the heart into a regular rythm


Cardiology codes come from which 3 sections of the CPT book

Radiology , Medicine, Surgery

what is the name of the electrodes that are placed into the atrium and/or ventricle of the heart when a pacemaker is inserted?


what are the three sections of the CPT manual that you use to code many cadiovascular services?


what does the abbreviation EP mean as it relates to cardiovascular services?


what type of cardiology is a diagnostic specialty that uses radioactive elements to aid in the diagnosis of cardiology conditions?

nuclear cardiology

within the cardiovascular system, what is compared to the branches of a tree?

vascular families

in which type of catheter placement is the catheter moved, manipulated, or guided into a part of the arterial system other than the vessel punctured?

selective catheterization

the procedure in which the surgeon withdraws fluid from the pericardial space by means of a needle inserted percutaneously into the space is called


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