French III, Domonoske, le futur

I will learn
tu boiras
you will drink
il aura
he will have
nous mettrons
we will put
ils ouvriront
they will open
je saurai
I will know a fact
vous connaîtrez
you will know a person
il pleuvra
it will rain
nous reviendrons
we will come back
elle voudra
she will want
ils croiront
they will believe
tu enverras
you will send
je rirai
I will laugh
il pourra
he will be able to
nous verrons
we will see
vous choisirez
you will choose
ils diront
they will say
je lirai
I will read
elle devra
she will have to
nous achèterons
we will buy
ils vivront
they will live
nous connaîtrons
we will know a person
I will write
nous conduirons
we will drive
tu prendras
you will take
nous comprendrons
we will understand
ils promettront
they will promise
je me souviendrai
I will remember
il se lèvera
he will get up
nous serons
we will be