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I will learn

tu boiras

you will drink

il aura

he will have

nous mettrons

we will put

ils ouvriront

they will open

je saurai

I will know a fact

vous connaîtrez

you will know a person

il pleuvra

it will rain

nous reviendrons

we will come back

elle voudra

she will want

ils croiront

they will believe

tu enverras

you will send

je rirai

I will laugh

il pourra

he will be able to

nous verrons

we will see

vous choisirez

you will choose

ils diront

they will say

je lirai

I will read

elle devra

she will have to

nous achèterons

we will buy

ils vivront

they will live

nous connaîtrons

we will know a person


I will write

nous conduirons

we will drive

tu prendras

you will take

nous comprendrons

we will understand

ils promettront

they will promise

je me souviendrai

I will remember

il se lèvera

he will get up

nous serons

we will be

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