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nj permit test


how many feet must you signal before making a turn?


how close may you park to a stop sign


how close may you park to a corner (feet)


how many feet is the closest you can park to a fire hydrant


what is the stopping distance on a dry road at 50 mph (feet)

6 inches

what is the proper distance you may park from the curb

suspension of license, fines

penalties for driving without insurance


serious accidents causing death, injury, or $200 damage must be reported within 5 days to

moving violations

points are only issued for

12 points

after how many points will you be given a proposed license suspension notice

500 fine and up to 6 months suspension

penalty for driving with a suspended license-first offense

no less than 200 fine and up to 6 moths imprisonment

penalty for not telling the truth when applying for a license

1 year

up to 3 points may be subtracted from your record if you receive no moving violation

6 months suspension

penalty for refusing the breath test

student and licensed driver

who is responsible if a student commits a traffic offense

slow down and stop before entering if possible

What should you do if approaching a steady yellow or amber signal?

keep from looking at one thing for more than a few seconds

what is a good practice while driving

the lane nearest the center in direction you are heading

proper lane to turn into when making a left turn

within the distance you can see ahead

when driving at night you should be able to stop?

the lane nearest the center of the road, then turn right before reaching the middle of the road

where should you position your car to make a left turn, from a 2 way street

slow down and prepare to stop

what is good practice when nearing an intersection

to protect you and other drivers

what is the purpose of traffic laws


if you feel or hear unusual thumping noise while driving it may be

stay with your car

best advice if your car is stranded in a heavy snowstorm

check ahead for signals

what is a good practice when driving in the city

yield to oncoming traffic

what must you do if you want to turn left at a traffic light


if your car vibrates it may be

pedestrian cross walk

what do two parallel white lines across the road mean

fog lights

which lights should you be using when driving in fog

license registration insurance

what papers must you have when operating a car

coming out of a dark alley

when should you use your horn

left must yield to the right driver

what should be done if two cars enter an uncontrolled intersection simulaneosly

on 2way road

yellow center lines are usually found where

if car in front is turning left and there is a lane for driving on the right

when may you pass on the right

stop, proceed with caution

what does a flashing red light mean

proceed in a safe manner

what does a greed light mean

stop behind line for traffic sign

what does a solid white line across an intersection mean


what does a yellow diamond shaped sign mean

only when parking

when should you use your parking lights

in the direction the back of your car

which way should you turn if you are going

at least two seconds

how far should you stay behind the car that you are following

the left

what direction should you check first when approaching an intersection

take your foot off the gas

what should you do to go into a skid

pushing the brake too hard

what is the common mistake a new driver makes with brakes

horn and lights

what is the best way to talk to other drivers


what does a red and white 8 sided sign mean


what does a red and white triangular sign mean

test brakes

if you drive through a deep puddle, what should you do

during the 1st few minutes of rain

when is the road most slippery

open country driving

when should you use your high beams

look to the lower right side of your traffic lane

if the lights of oncoming cars are in you eyes what should you do

left turn

driver's left hand straight out

right turn

hand is upward

look to the lower right side of your traffic lane

if lights of oncoming cars are in your eyes what should you do?

slow your car to speed limit

safest way to exit an expressway

shift to lower gear and pump brakes

what do you do if your brakes fail

use hand signals

what do you do if your turn signal fails

slow down gradually

what should you do if you have a blowout?

fixed object on the side of road

one method of using the 2 second rule is by using a:

never back up go to next exit

what should you do if you miss an exit on an expressway


when you are driving on a curve, your vehicle will tend to go in what direction

be ready to stop

what is a good practice at an intersection that has no signs or signal

give you time to react

it is good practice to keep a space cushion in order to

wear a seat belt

best defense against drunk driving

10 mph

may pass bus at a speed of no more than

toward curb

when parking down hill make sure wheels are

look ahead 12 seconds

in city driving,a good habit is to

stop no closer than 15 ft of nearest rail

when approaching a railroad with flashing lights


studies show the greatest number of people arrested for drunk driving have been drinking;

25 mph

speed limit in school zone

25 mph

speed limit in business area

50 mph

speed limit on a highway

pedestrians and emergency vehicle

always yield to;

slow down, turn wheels to climb the pavement edge

if you want to return to the road from a dirt shoulder you should

farm use only

an agricultural license allows the operation of a farm registered vehicle;

get in the right lane

to make a right turn you should

1.5 oz of 86 proof whiskey or on 5oz glass of wine

a 12 oz can of beer has as much alcohol as

how fast you drank, weight, how much you drank

your ba content raises above the legal limit depending on

don't drink and drive

best way to reduce having an alcohol related accident is


if you are arrested for drunk driving your chances of being convicted are

cold medicines, tranquilizers, and some prescription meds

drugs that may affect basic driving skills are

25 times

when ba contect reaches 0.15 your chances of getting in a serious accident are raised

license has been suspended 3 times within 3 years

what is a habitual offender


you must always keep to which side of the road except when passing

10 years

nj licensed drivers may have an eyesight recheck every

one car length for every 10 mph

what is a good rule of thumb in adjusting to traffic

driving too close to vehicle in front

what does tailgating mean

losing the tire grip on wet roads and riding on a film of water

what does hydroplaning mean

no traffic signals for signs

what is an uncontrolled intersection

in city driving and when meeting another vehicle within 500 ft

when should you dim your headlights

extra lane at entrance of expressway

what is an acceleration lane

25 ft

you must stop at least how may feet from a school bus with its red lights on

braking distance

what is the name of the distance that the car travels while the brakes are being applied

nov 15 to april 1

dates for studded tires

blue or green

information signs are in color;

slow down, yield to traffic, and proceed when safe

what should you do when a traffic light is not working

distance judgment

depth perception means the same as


you must be how old to register a motor vehicle


nj issues a year basic license

on narrow roads, at intersections, or when the road is wet or slippery

it is important to slow down when

time of day

vehicle stopping distances never depend on

slow down before entering turn

the best way to take a turn is to

at least 14 days

if a student fails the driving test (road) he must wait how long

directed of told so by a police officer

you may drive on a public of private property to avoid a traffic sign only if

make a full stop and treat it like a stop sign

when is it legal to make a right turn onred

US passport of birth certificate

what is a good form of primary id to bring to the permit test


you get alcohol out of your blood by

9 and 3

position on the hands of the steering wheel is

area which cannot be seen in the mirrors

blindspots are

24 months

inspection sticker on a new vehicle is good for

100 fine

penalty of not having your insurance card

60 days

must apply for license if you move to nj within how many days

fine, arrest, and registration revocation

penalty for driving a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker

left turns

on a three lane road, the center lane is usually for

report accident to your insurance company

if you are involved in a personal injury accident that requires you to report it to the dmv you should

vehicle of 18,000 or more

an articulated license allows you to operate what

1 week

how long do you have to report a change in address on a NJ license

wear on the center of the tire

what would indicate that a tire has been habitually over-inflated

half hour before sunset to one half hour after sunrise in poor weather or visiblity condition

when should headlights be used

try to pull off the road safely

if your car breaks down on an expressway, the first thing you should do is

rear bumper opposite rear bumper of car parked in front of desired space

a check point for parallel parking is

slow down and turn back onto the pavement slowly

if you run off the pavement, the first thing you should do is

driver agrees to take a breath test by inserting key in ignition

implied consent law means


most fatal accidents are due to

involved in a lawsuit

if a person becomes drunk in your home and has a car accident after leaving your home you could

following distance

the term one car length for each 10 mph is use to describe

attend a driver improvement program, hearing with dmv

if the driver recieves a proposed license suspension they must

2 weeks

when you buy a used car which has an expired inspection sticker the car must be inspected within;

excessive wear on the edges of the tires

what indicates under-inflated tires

2 weeks

how long do you have to report a name change to the dmv

steering away from objects that do not give way

if the collision is impossible to avoid, you can lessen the impact by

same for all states

hand signals


in adverse weather conditions the stopping distances of a truck is increased by

when it expires

when purchasing a used vehicle you should get the car inspected


if a traffic light is horizontal the red is on the

1 yr

a provisional license is good for

2 points

all moving violations commited in most other states will show up on your NJ record as

avoid looking at one point or object for more than a few seconds at atime

to avoid highway hypnosis

3 moths

anyone 21 or older must wait after passing thier written test and eye exam before taking the road test

pull over to the right

for any emergency vehicle with flashing lights you must

blind spot

one of the main concerns a driver must have when dealing with a truck is the truck driver's


a car seat should be placed in the

Graduated Driver License

what does GDL stand for


for someone 21 and older the GDL time restrictions are

Be alert, be prepared, act in time

the standard accident prevention formula is


the standard monetary fine for a GDL infraction is


is driving a right or a privilege?

take some time to cool off before driving

considering that emotions play such an active role in driving when you are angry, excited or upset you should

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