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I havn't read background 2 yet, so i dont know a couple of the last two definitions. If anyone has those and could help me that'd be great

Economic Interests

one of the main purposes for which individuals and groups engage in political action, one reason the US supported Iran

Nuclear Proliferation

the spread of nuclear weapons to new nations


A political group interested in promoting only its own interests

Multinational Empire

an empire made up of many different countries such as the Ottoman Empire which stretched vastly over different continents


A policy of extending your rule over foreign countries

International System

maintaining a beneficial and peaceful pattern of interaction among major global players


the ability of a government to determine their own course of their own free will


The power of a nation to rule over itself


the abuse of a person or group because of their beliefs or appearance

Zionist movement

A nationalist movement to establish a homeland for Jews in Palestine


separation by the creation of a boundary that divides or keeps apart


a line of halt in fighting/war

international relations

mutilateral interaction between nations

expansionist power

having the power to practice the policy of territorial or economic expansion

Arab nationalism

the belief that all Arabs should ban together and form one large arab country. nasser was a proponent of this


a state powerful enough to influence events throughout the world

diplomatic solutions

one which gives priority to negotiation over threat and/or use of force

Cold War policies

the policies the US had that made any enemy of the USSR our ally

oil embargo

When Arabic nations refused to sell oil to the US because they were funding Israeli armies

shuttle diplomacy

international negotiations conducted by a mediator who frequently flies back and forth between the negotiating parties

political Islamist extremists

political movements based on extreme interpritations of Islam

opposition movement

a group that goes against the people in power or popular consensus


being against the popular revolution, often referring to communist

international arms embargo

a measure preventing foreign countried from sending arms or military aid to a specified country

international peacekeeping

forces or actions creating calm and stability globally

free-market economic principles

self-interest; complete information; many buyers and sellers; absence of externalities

trade barriers

taxes, quotas, and other restrictions on goods entering or leaving a country

Islamic Radicalism

Muslims who have a fanatical or very strict interpretation of the Qu'ran

Secular Government

government seperated from religion, like the US

Economic sanctions

Boycotts, embargoes, and other economic measures that one country uses to pressure another country into changing its policies

Weapons of mass destruction

Nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons that can kill tens of thousands of people all at once. The supposed reason the US went into Iraq under Bush.


Groups of citizen soldiers

Sectarian divisions

a separation relating to or involving relaions between religious groups or denominations

diplomatic engagement

tactfully dealing with political manners; engaging in the global arena peacefully

liberal reformers

people who encourage free market principles and democracy

Strategic ally

An ally that is highly important to or an integral part of a strategy or plan of action especially in war

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