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  1. Diffident
  2. Willful
  3. Marred
  4. Hackneyed
  5. Fickle
  1. a Over-used, banal, trite
  2. b Damaged, spoiled, bruised
  3. c Changeable and unpredictable
  4. d Stubborn, opposing ones will
  5. e Shy or timid

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  1. A halt or delay, relief from something disagreeable
  2. Indifferent to, or unaffected by pleasure or pain
  3. A doubtful origin, counterfeit
  4. Using few words, terse
  5. One masterly accomplished in any field

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  1. TenaciousPersistent or stubborn


  2. BrevityA halt or delay, relief from something disagreeable


  3. ParsimonyDeep, insightful, or absolute


  4. FlagrantDamaged, spoiled, bruised


  5. ContriteRemorseful or apologetic