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  1. Exemplify
  2. Stoic
  3. Ambivalent
  4. Willful
  5. Extraneous
  1. a Stubborn, opposing ones will
  2. b Indifferent to, or unaffected by pleasure or pain
  3. c Not relevant or necessary, unimportant
  4. d Undecided, having conflict feelings
  5. e To illustrate by or serve as an example

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  1. Favorable or fortunate
  2. Damaged, spoiled, bruised
  3. Persistent or stubborn
  4. Capable of walking or moving about
  5. A halt or delay, relief from something disagreeable

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  1. AmityBriefness or concise expression


  2. ParsimonyFriendly relations


  3. ApocryphalA doubtful origin, counterfeit


  4. FortuitousOne masterly accomplished in any field


  5. InadvertentCareless of unintentional