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A Spanish conqueror of the Americas in the 16th century.


The surrounding and blockading of a town by an army intent on capturing it.

Civil War

A war between different regions in one country.


A governor of a country or colony who rules as a representative of a king or queen.


A large estate or farm.


The right granting by the king to certain Spanish colonists to force the Native Americans to work for them.


This Spanish term means settlers and referred to men in the encomienda system that had the right to compel the Native Americans to work in their mines or fields.


A country or group that is united with another for a common purpose.


To leave one country or region to settle in another.


Made into a slave and treated as property.


To bring in goods from a foreign country.

Francisco Pizarro

Spanish explorer who conquered the Incan empire and claimed Peru for Spain


A powerful South American empire during the 1400s and 1500s.

Columbian Exchange

The movement of plants and animals between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres after the voyages of Columbus.


A people who lived in the Valley of Mexico.

Spanish Armada

A huge fleet of warships designed by the Spanish to defeat England.

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