art- quiz 4

Massive, heavy walls of cathedrals to support stone roof, no great height
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The stylistic feature of arranging figures in a work of art so that all heads align at the same level is calledIsocephalyT or F: The triple arches of the façade of a medieval church symbolize the Trinity.. TrueThe Eastern influence in early Christian art resulted in a style calledByzantineIn the Romanesque period, paintings were most frequently executed uponwoodThe Second Council of Nicaea in 787 establisheda set of rules for artistic representation of religious subjectsOf the Romanesque visual arts that survive today, which of the following are represented by the fewest examples?paintingT or F: The sculptural distortions of the Romanesque were deliberate denials of this life. TrueScholasticism was a philosophy that sought to. explain religious dogma by logicGothic sculpture differs from Romanesque sculpture by theincreased humanism of Gothic figuresFlying buttresses have as their primary purpose. support for the weight of the roof and wallsThe blacks, whites, and grays in works of art, including their presence, absence and contrasts, refer to the visual element known as ________.. valueA gray color obtained by mixing red and black would be referred to as a(n) _________.(both A and D) grayed neutral and chromatic gray. Both low-contrast and high-contrast ________ can be seen in David Salle's Angelvalue patternsIn Hung Liu's Children of a Lesser God, the uniformity of the high key values helps evoke the sense that the immigrant children are indistinguishable massThe full range of values and sharply contrasting blacks and whites used in Hiromi Tsuchida's Workers Waiting in a Park for the Start of a May Day Demonstration implies a sense of and movementThe technique of chiaroscuro reached a peak of perfection with artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael during the period of the ________.high renaissanceIn his painting Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione, Raphael produced a subtle gradation of tone through shading by using a technique known as ________.chiaroscuroAndy Warhol's use of tenebrism and repetition make his Self-Portrait II seem _________.generic and impersonal. The tenebrism technique was developed during the ________ period by artists who were introducing theatricality into their works through spotlighting.baroque. In Artemesia Gentileschi's Judith Decapitating Holofernes, the dramatic lighting is focused on - _________.judiths hand on the swordIn Krefeld Project: Dining Room, Scene 2, _________ used highlights and long, dark shadows to supplement the illusion of three-dimensionality.eric fischlIn his Nelson Fine Arts Center, architect Antoine Predock used ________ as a medium to create interesting highlights and shadows.the sunThe most visually interesting aspect of Christina Iglesias's installation, Untitled (Passage II) is _________.its spectacular light-shadow effectsHung Liu's Children of a Lesser God depicts________.(all of the above) - moment frozen in time - uniformity of values - severe life of immigrand child laborers - difficulty immigrants faced. __________'s painting portrayed the destruction and agony of a Spanish town as it was attacked in the early 1930s by Germany in history's first example of carpet-bombing.picasso. Pablo Picasso's Guernica was an exercise in painting ________.using values ranging from pale gray to velvet black. Hiromi Tsuchida used _________ in Workers Waiting in a Park for the Start of a May Daya full range of values. Christina Iglesias's Untitled (Passage II) is considered installationFilmmaker Steven Spielberg effectively used black and white in a film to portray _________.the atrocities committed by the NazisSteven Spielberg's film _________ is shot primarily in black and white to realistically depict the stark realities of the Holocaust.schindlers listwithouta-relative lightness and darknessValue Contrastgoes quickly from highlighting to deep shadowTenebrismgradual shifting from light to dark to create depth and shadowChiaroscurolight areas are exaggerated or emphasizedHighlightingshape whose outline mimics that of a figure or objectSilhouettehaving colorChromaticvariation in light and dark and how they are arranged in a composition. Value Patternimage of the Virgin Mary holding the dead ChristPietacenter point on the spectrum of graysmiddle gray