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A light , delicate style of art called ____ that was used during the rule of Louis XV

popular sovereignty

The principle of ___ states that all government power comes from the people


the enlightenment thinker ___ believed in the idea if the separation of powers in government

George III

taxes imposed on colonies by the government of ____ helped bring about the American revolution

Adam Smith

Economist ___ argued for a free market in which businesses can operate with a few government rules


In an informal social gathering called a ____ Enlightenment thinkers could talk about their ideas.


___ Helped spread Enlightenment ideas by publishing a collection of articles by leading thinkers.

Thomas Jefferson

___ wrote most of the Deceleration of Independence


the Grand, formal style of art called _____ was popular during the rule of Louis XIV


In her book A Vindication of the rights of woman, Mary wollstonecraft argued that women and men should have equal______

laissez faire

what did physiocrats believe was the best trade policy ?

challenged the old order

Enlightenment writers often faced censorship because they

Influenced political and social change

An enlightenment despot was a ruler who did what?

social distinctions were more blurred than in Europe.

because american colonies were home to diverse religious and ethnic group what happened?

the american victory convinced France to support America .

The battle of Saratoga was important to the American revolution because why?

The articles of confederation

American leaders gathered din Philadelphia in 1787 to revise what?


T/F- Immanuel Kant described the era of the 1700s as "enlightened"


T/F- Thomas Hobbes is the author of Leviathan

False/ Voltaire said this

T/F- Rousseau said," my trade is to say what i think."


T/F-Joseph II ruled Austria during the age of Enlightenment, ending censorship and abolishing serfdom during his reign.

False/ It was Cathrerine the Great

T/F- Maria Theresa toyed with implementing Enlightenment ideas while in Russia

False/ they didn't support the enlightenment

T/F-The church often embraced the changes of the Enlightenment because all people benefited from the positive changes.

False/ the navigation acts were against the colonists

T/F- parliament passed the navigation acts in the 1600s to impose harsh penalties on pirates

False/ James Madison wrote it

T/F- James Monroe was the author of the constitution of the united states.


T/F- Ben Franklin was a philosopher, scientist, publisher, legislator, and diplomat.

false/ it was Joseph II

T/F- Fredric II ruled Austria during the Age of Enlightenment, ending censorship and abolishing serfdom during his reign.

false/ it was after the battle of saratoga

T/F- France supported the American revolution after the victory in Boston Harbor.

natural law

what rules discoverable by reason did enlightenment thinkers try to apply to the study of human behavior and society?

Anne Stuart

Which woman didn't protest the phliosophes inaction towards their gender.

Fredrick the Great

Which enlightened despot considered him/her self to be the "first servant of the state."

False/ it was Immanuel Kant

T/F- Thomas Hobbes was the person to describe the era as enlightened

False/ it was John Locke

T/F- Rousseau believed that people in their natural state were immoral

False/ laissez faire replaced mercantilism

T/F- Mercantilism replaced laissez faire as the main focus of government economic policy

False/ it still has appeal

T/F- Daniel Defoe's story is outdated and no longer has entertainment appeal

False/ they weren't happy about the encyclopedia

T/F- The French government reacted to the first Encyclopedia by incorporating it into the government processes

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