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Which is the main reason for the heavy population concentration in the eastern regions of the People's Republic of China?

Most of China's fertile farmland is located in the east.

In China, regional differences in food crops, types of homes, and clothing are most likely the result of

Geography and climate.

Which feature of Chinese agriculture led to the development of the other three?

Scarcity of fertile land.

Which geographic feature has been most responsible for the population distribution in China?

Availability of fertile land.

"A young man's duty is to be filial to his parents at home and respectful to his elders abroad." This statement best expresses the ideas of


Which statement is best supported by a study of East Asia?

Chinese civilization had a major influence on the cultures of East Asia.

A similarity between Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism was that all three

Offered ideas about how to build an orderly society.

The Mandate of Heaven in traditional China was most similar to the

Divine right of kings in Western Europe.

A goal common to Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism is to

Establish peace and harmony.

In traditional Chinese culture, which philosophy had the greatest influence on the development of social order and political organization?


"By nature men are pretty much alike; it is learning and practice that set them apart." --Confucius
This statement suggests that significant human differences in the world are mostly due to differences in


In ancient China, one effect on government of the teachings of Confucius was the high status of


Which value was common to traditional society in both China and Japan?

Family loyalty

Social change in traditional China was chiefly the function and responsibility of the

Extended family.

Which pair of events represents a cause-and-effect relationship?

Europeans carve up China -- Boxer Rebellion.

Both the Opium War and the Boxer Rebellion attempted to rid China of

Foreign domination.

During the centuries of dynastic rule, the Chinese rejected other cultures as inferior to their own. This situation illustrates the concept of


During the 1800s, Western nations were able to gain control over parts of China mainly because

China lacked the military technology needed to stop these ventures.

The Boxer Rebellion of the early 1900s was an attempt to

Remove foreign influences from China.

In China during the 1900s, which event is considered to be a result of the other three?

Communist victory in mainland China.

The cartoon (Pic of swords in China) depicts the

Separation of China into spheres of influence by imperialist nations during the 1800s.

The situation depicted in the cartoon was brought about by the

Military weakness of China and the European desire for expansion.

In China, the terms "Long March," "Little Red Book," and "Great Leap Forward" are most closely associated with the

Leadership of Mao Zedong.

The Chinese Communists were successful in their revolution during the 1930s and 1940s mainly because the Communists

Emphasized the needs of the rural peasant population.

Confucianism in traditional China and communism in modern-day China are similar because both emphasize that

The needs of the group are more important than those of the individual.

In China, a major achievement of the Communist Government has been

An improved standard of living for many people.

Since 1949, the Chinese Communists have maintained order and pursued their revolution by

Building a totalitarian state.

In the 1980s, China introduced the responsibility system in order to

Make factories and farms more efficient.

Which event occurred last?

Long March.

During the 1980s, the Chinese Government adopted policies designed to

Increase industrial productivity.

Which is a valid generalization about the Communist party in China during the 1980s?

The new leadership of the party experimented with greater economic flexibility.

In 1958, China's Great Leap Forward called for programs designed to

Increase both industrial and agricultural production.

(When I was young, the Chairman promised....Conversations with a farmworker story) According to the first paragraph, which is most likely the reason aricultural production quotas were not met?

The workers had little to gain by working hard.

(When I was young, the Chairman promised...Conversation with a farmworker story) Under the new Chairman, mentioned in the second paragraph, which economic idea was introduced to increase production?

Responsibility system.

A major goal of the Cultural Revolution in China during the 1960s was to

Eliminate opposition to Mao Zedong.

A major obstacle to economic development in China has been

The size of its population.

Which fact about China has been the result of the other three?

The Chinese Government has set limits on the number of children families may have.

Soon after coming into power, the government of the People's Republic of China tried to make significant changes in the traditional Chinese family. This policy was adopted because the traditional family

Was seen as an obstacle to Communist plans for modernization.

Which statement best accounts for the slowing birthrate in China from 1961 to 1990?

The government penalizes parents for having more than one child.

In a present-day Chinese village, which situation illustrates the influence of traditional Confucian beliefs?

Young people respect their parents' wishes when choosing a spouse.

Which is an accurate description of Chinese foreign policy since the 1970s?

Chinese leaders increased contacts with industrial nations to gain technology and capital.

Which statement is most consistent with Mao Zedong's view of the arts?

Proletarian culture is a powerful revolutionary weapon.

Which statement best explains why most Koreans live on the coastal plains?

The mountainous interior is hard to farm.

A similarity between Korea and Japan is that both

Are homogeneous societies.

During the Age of Imperialism, the development that most affected Korean culture was the

Conquest by Japan.

The Korean War resulted in the

Continued division of Korea.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about the government of South Korea?

It has kept tight control over the free market economy.

The decisions to divide Korea in 1945 and Vietnam in 1954 were

Worked out as compromise political solutions reflecting Cold War realities.

Which statement best describes South Korea since the end of the Korean War?

Major industrial development has occurred.

Which is a major effect of geography on Japan?

Lack of mineral resources has forced Japan to become a trading nation.

Both Japan and Indonesia are made up of a chain of islands called

An Archipelago.

In Japan, a major economic problem has been the lack of

Natural resources.

In Japan, which condition was the cause of the other three?

Most of the nation is mountainous with little arable land.

One factor that accounted for Chinese influence on traditional Japanese culture was the

Gegraphic location of the countries.

In Japan, the samurai code of Bushido helped bring about

A culture that accepted militarism.

Which characteristic is found in traditional Japanese society?

Women are expected to be obedient to men.

Which has been an important factor in shaping the cultures of China, Korea, and Japan?


Which statement is best supported by a study of Japanese history?

The Japanese have adapted ideas from othe cultures.

Which value helped shape the culture of both traditional China and Japan?

Emphasis on family loyalty.

Unlike China during the Age of Imperialism, Japan

Modernized rapidly.

Which occurred in Japan as a result of the Great Depression?

Extreme nationalists urged a policy of expansion.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was designed to

Destroy the American fleet.

In Japanese history, what was the impact of hte Meiji Restoration

Contact with Western nations encouraged Japan to industrialize.

Which was a major justificaiton used by Japan for empire building in the 1930s and 1940s?

Obtaining food and raw materials.

A comparison of Japan's policies before 1945 with the policies in effect after 1945 indicates that

Territorial aggression is not necessary to secure national economic goals.

Japan during the Meiji restoration was similar to Japan after World War II in that during these periods Japan

Underwent political reform and economic expansion.

Which statement best describes conditions in Japan today?

Japan has adopted modern technological advances, while maintaining aspects of the traditional culture.

Which reform took place in Japan after World War II?

Japan became a representative democracy.

Which generalization best describes the change in Japanese society after World War II?

Japanese society became more democratic.

The economy of Japan differs most from the economy of China in the

Government's role in making economic decisions.

A study of Japanese society today will most likely lead to the conclusion tha the Japanese have

Been able to blend traditional and modern ways of thinking and acting.

Japan's present-day industrial success is based primarily on

Cultural adaptation and modern technology.

The emergency of Japan as a world economic power has been based mostly on Japan's

Business enterprise and organization.

Which statement concerning modern Japan is most accurate?

Japan has modernized while maintaining elements of its traditional culture.

Even though Japan has few natural resources, it has a high standard of living mainly because it has

Developed technology that can be exchanged for the resources it needs.

(CARTOON: Usa and Japan Tariffs) What is the main idea of the cartoon?

The United States has threatened to use tariffs to protect its industries from Japanese competition.

Which situation led to the idea presented in the cartoon?

The unfavorable United States balance of trade with Japan.

(CHART: Japan's trade w/ Major trading Partners, 1995) According to the chart, which nation's are Japan's major trading partners?

Industrialized nations.

The economic success of Japan will most likely lead to Japan's

Increased power in international relations.

Since the 1980s, some foreign countries have criticized Japan because of its

Restrictive trade policies.

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