13 terms

U.S. History Exam

Pt. 4
The total value of all goods and services produced in a nation is called the
C. gross national product.
People who hopped trains to look for work were known as
C. hoboes.
In the aftermath of the crash, industrialized nations around the world took measures to
C. protect themselves by passing high tariffs.
_____ is the term that describes the devastation of the Great Plains by drought.
A. The Dust Bowl
During the Great Depression, President Hoover came under attack because many Americans believed that
A. he did not fully grasp or care about how desperate the American people were.
What was Hoover's philosophy about the proper role of government?
C. Government should play as little role in the affairs of business as possible.
On October 24, 1929, investors responded to concerns about the economy by
A. selling off their stocks.
If stock prices dropped, brokers could force investors to repay their loans if the investors were
C. buying on margin.
"Black Tuesday" referred to the
D. collapse of the stock market.
Loose-knit communities of rustic shacks and tents were called
C. Hoovervilles.
First Catholic candidate for President?
Al Smith
Believed the business of America was business?
Calvin Coolidge
Believed people thought he could do anything and eventually he would fail?
Herbert Hoover