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  1. land that is not well suited for growing crops
  2. Purchasing and using up of goods and services by consumers
  3. A system in which one country rules another area as a colony. The ruling country controls trade with its colony for it's own benefit.
  4. a tax on goods l\that cross country borders
  5. The release of harmful substances into the environment as a result of everyday activities
  1. a Colonialism
  2. b Tariff
  3. c Consumption
  4. d Marginal Land
  5. e General Pollution

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  1. Outsource
  2. Famine
  3. Shari'a
  4. Delta
  5. Cloud Seeding

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  1. A family made up of parents and their children.Illiterate


  2. A variety of people from different ethnic groups.Ethnic Diversity


  3. An area where earthquakes are likely (often where tectonic plates meet)Ethnic Diversity


  4. Annual rate of population growthIlliterate


  5. a system that allows for the year round watering of cropsMarginal Land