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  1. a triangular tract of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river, typically where it diverges into several outlets
  2. the forces that unite people and countries
  3. To release of harmful substances into the environment as the result of an accident.
  4. a great sea of tall sand dunes
  5. the number of deaths a year for every 1000 people
  1. a Accidental Pollution
  2. b Ergs
  3. c Death Rate
  4. d Centripetal Forces
  5. e Delta

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  1. Micro-enterprise
  2. Aparthied
  3. Psysiologic Population Density
  4. Perennial Irrigation
  5. core

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  1. A family made up of parents and their children.Nuclear Family


  2. Separation of one people from another, such as by race.Nuclear Family


  3. a tax on goods l\that cross country bordersTariff


  4. the junction of two riversShari'a


  5. a group of countries that work together to promote trade with one anotherTrade Bloc