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  1. a sudden increase in the birth rate of a population
  2. The release of harmful substances into the environment as a result of everyday activities
  3. Separation of one people from another, such as by race.
  4. The flat area around a river that is cover with sediment as a result of frequent flooding
  5. Government policy of separating people according to race.
  1. a Baby Boom
  2. b Floodplain
  3. c General Pollution
  4. d Aparthied
  5. e Segregation

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  1. Rain Shadow
  2. River Basin
  3. Shari'a
  4. Micro-enterprise
  5. Confluence

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  1. A system in which one country rules another area as a colony. The ruling country controls trade with its colony for it's own benefit.Foreign Investment


  2. Land suitable for growing cropsArable Land


  3. The hard outer layer of EarthCrust


  4. a group of countries that work together to promote trade with one anotherTrade Bloc


  5. the number of deaths a year for every 1000 peopleBirth Rate


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