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  1. the forces that divide people and countries
  2. Oil that has been discovered but remains unused in the ground
  3. The length of time it takes for a population to double
  4. petroleum as it comes out of the ground and before it has be refined or processed into useful products
  5. Separation of one people from another, such as by race.
  1. a Segregation
  2. b Doubling Time
  3. c Crude Oil
  4. d Oil reserves
  5. e Centrifugal Forces

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  1. Evaporation
  2. Fault Block Mountain
  3. Cloud Seeding
  4. Ergs
  5. Extended Family

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  1. A very small business with few or no employees.Micro-enterprise


  2. Annual rate of population growthRate of Natural Increase


  3. Traditional Islamic LawShari'a


  4. Purchasing and using up of goods and services by consumersConsumption


  5. An area where earthquakes are likely (often where tectonic plates meet)Micro-enterprise