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  1. Oil that has been discovered but remains unused in the ground
  2. a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply
  3. a group of countries that work together to promote trade with one another
  4. The population of a country divided by its total land area.
  5. Government policy of separating people according to race.
  1. a Aparthied
  2. b Arithmetic Population Density
  3. c Reservoir
  4. d Trade Bloc
  5. e Oil reserves

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  1. Cost of Living
  2. cash crop
  3. Arable Land
  4. Doubling Time
  5. Tariff

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  1. Separation of one people from another, such as by race.Segregation


  2. The use of technology to move and process informationCentripetal Forces


  3. The population of a country divided by its arable land areaPsysiologic Population Density


  4. the number of old and young people who don't work compared with the working age populationDependency Ratio


  5. A very small business with few or no employees.Micro-enterprise