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  1. Annual rate of population growth
  2. the forces that unite people and countries
  3. The stream or streams that make up the beginnings of a river
  4. average age that a person in a given population can expect to live
  5. a triangular tract of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river, typically where it diverges into several outlets
  1. a Delta
  2. b Life Expectancy
  3. c Centripetal Forces
  4. d Rate of Natural Increase
  5. e Headwaters

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  1. Reconciliation
  2. Death Rate
  3. Illiterate
  4. Famine
  5. Doubling Time

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  1. the average number of children that a woman in a given population will have in her lifetimeLife Expectancy


  2. The loss of well educated peopleBrain Drain


  3. - in the direction that the wind is blowingConfluence


  4. a total fertility rate needed for a population to replace itselfReplacement Rate


  5. gravel-covered plainsRegs