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Earth Science 7- Mountain Building

mt building
passive margin
the continental margin near an area of lithospheric plate divergence
active margin
located in areas where oceanic lithosphere is being subducted beneath the leading edge of the continent
fault-block mountains
Forms when a normal faults uplift a block of rock.
fold mountains
mountains that form where two plates collide and force layers of rock into folds
dome mountains
Formed when magma collects and pushes the rock layers above it into a rounded-dome shape.
strike slip fault
break in rock caused by shear forces, where rocks move past each other without much vertical movement
normal fault
a type of fault where the hanging wall slides downward; caused by tension in the crust
reverse fault
a type of fault where the hanging wall slides upward; caused by compression in the crust
thrust fault
A geological fault in which the upper side appears to have been pushed upward by compression
an upward fold in rock formed by compression of Earth's crust
a downward fold in rock formed by compression in earth's crust
a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other
horst and graben
location of two normal faults that dip towards each other, horst is the ridge, graben is the valley