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underneath the hair

To avoid matting lightened hair, apply shampoo very slowly and work with the hands:

neutral in pH

When shampooing lightened hair, use a shampoo that is:


Brittle or dry hair should be cleansed with a/an ______ shampoo.


What part of the shampoo molecule has no attraction for water?


What process purifies water and is used in the manufacture of cosmetics?


Comb-out capes differ from shampoo capes because they do not have to be :


A rinse that helps to close and harden the cuticle layer after a tint or toner application is a/an _____ rinse.

a razor

The hair must be damp if hair thinning is done with:

better control

The index finger is braced near the pivot of the scissors to give the stylist:


The method of cutting hair straight across without tapering is referred to as _____ cutting.


The shortening of hair in a graduated effect is called:


The technical term for split ends is:


Dull edges of razors or shears will _____ the hair.

at a 45 degree angle

How are the blades of the scissors held in relation to the comb?

dry cutting

Shaping the hair with scissors while it is in a dry condition is:


Cutting upper sections of the hair shorter and leaving the lower sections longer is called:

45 degree

When the hair is held and cut at a lower elevation from the nape, the angle usually does not exceed:


The term "shadow wave" indicates a hairsetting with _____ ridges.


The three principal parts of a pin curl are its base, circle, and:


The mobility of a pin curl is determined by its:

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