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Incident Command System (ICS) Terms from EMSI (

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Adverse weather conditions
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Weather conditions found in the operating area that make it difficult for response equipment and personnel to clean up or remove spilled oil or hazardous substances. These include, but are not limited to: fog, inhospitable water and air temperatures, wind, sea ice, current, and sea states. It does not refer to conditions such as a hurricane, under which it would be dangerous or impossible to respond to a spill.
A division of government with a specific function offering a particular kind of assistance. In the Incident Command System, agencies are defined either as jurisdictional (having statutory responsibility for incident management) or as assisting or cooperating (providing resources or other assistance). Governmental organizations are most often in charge of an incident, though in certain circumstances private sector organizations may be included. Additionally, nongovernmental organizations may be included to provide support.
Response methods or techniques other than mechanical containment or recovery. Alternative response technologies may include use of chemical dispersant, in-situ burning, bioremediation, surface washing agents, herding agents, or other alternatives. Application of alternative response technologies must be authorized and directed by the Federal On-Scene Coordinator.
"An organization established to:
(1) oversee the management of multiple incidents that are each being handled by an Incident Command System Incident Management Team organization or
(2) oversee the management of large or multiple incidents to which several incident management teams have been assigned.

Area Command has the responsibility to set overall strategy and priorities, allocate critical resources according to priorities, ensure that incidents are properly managed, and ensure that objectives are met and strategies followed. (See also: Unified Area Command)."