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What kind of air mass forms over land and is dry?


What kind of air mass forms over oceans and is humid?


What kind of air mass forms over the tropics and is warm?


What kind of air mass forms from north or south of 50 degrees latitudes and is cold?


What type of air mass forms over the gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean?

Maritime Tropical

What type of air mass affects the west coast of the US?

Maritime tropical

What type of weather does the maritime tropical cause?

Summer-hot, humid shower, thunderstorms

What type of air mass forms over icy cold North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans?

maritime Polar

Where do the Maritime air masses affect the most?

West Coast

What weather is related to the Maritime Polar air masses?

Summer cool, humid, bring fog, rain

What type of air masses form over central and northern canada and Alaska?

Continental Polar

What kind of air do Continental Polar air masses bring?

Clear, cool, dry air

What causes a storm or changeable weather?

When huge air masses meet across land and water and bump into each other - this collision may cause a storm

What is the area where the air masses meet and do not mix called?


What are the four types of fronts?


How do fronts develop?

Based on characteristics of the air masses and how they move

What type of front forms when cold air moves underneath warm air, forcing the warm air to rise?

Cold front

What type of front moves quickly and can cause abrupt weather changes?

Cold front

What usually happens after a cold front?

Clear skies and cooler temperatures

What type of front forms when warm air moves over cold air?

Warm front

What type of weather comes with with warm fronts?

Clouds, storms,rain

What happens after a warm front?

Usually warm and humid

How do warm fronts move?

Slowly may be rainy or foggy for several days

What kind of front occurs when two air masses face in a stand off?


What weather can occur if a stationary front is stalled over an area?

Days of clouds and precipitation

What kind of front is cut off?

Occluded front

What consists of a swirling center of low air pressure?


In a cyclone what is the effect where the wind is deflected to the right?

Coriolis effect

What weather is associated with a cyclone and decreasing air pressure?

Storms and precipitation

What represents an anticyclones on a map?


What causes the winds to spin?

Coriolis effect

What type of weather is associated with the descending air of an anticyclone?

Dry, clear weather

How does the movement of the anticyclone occur?

Winds spiral down from the center, moving toward areas of lower pressure

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