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Chapter 7 Study Guide

The Cherokee hunted much of their food.
How was the Cherokee to give up their land and travel west on a journey called the Trail of Tears?
The U. S. Government
Who forced the Cherokee to give up their land and travel west on a journey called the Trail of Tears?
Cotton Farming
Which is NOT a major business run by the North Carolina Cherokee today?
Where did Juan Ponce de Loen Explore?
The Spanish colony of St. Augustine in present-day Florida
Which is the permanent European settlement in the area that is now the United States?
John White
Which of these Southeasterners was NOT President of the United States?
Which industry helped people in the Southeast become rich and powerful?
The two sides disagreed about how much authority the national government should have.
Which is one cause of the Civil War?
African Americans lost all civil rights.
Which was NOT an effect of the Civil War on the Southeast?
Diseases spread through army camps
Which of the following did not occur in the Southeast during Reconstruction?
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Who was the main leader of the civil rights movement in in the 1950's and 1960's?
Dahlonega, GA
Where was the first gold rush in the United States?
Which is NOT a major mode of transportation that runs through Atlanta?
Many people are moving there from colder northern climates.
What is one reason why cities in the Southeast are growing quickly?
It has an aquarium in its harbor.
Which is NOT a reason why many people have moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina?
Yes; because everyone gets a say in major decisions; it probably takes a long time to reach a consensus, and sometimes it may be impossible.
The Cherokee governed by consensus. Do you think that coming to a consensus is a good way to make decisions? Why or why not? What problems might you face with this method of decision making. Explain.
Many Cherokee built farms. They went to school to learn English. They also learned how to read and write their own language.
Write three details to support the main idea: Many Cherokee changed to fit in with the surrounding culture.
Adventurous, brave, and curious; Yes; because he or she is moving to a land where few people have lived before.
What character traits would be important for an explorer to have? Do you think a pioneer would need to have those same traits? Why or why not?