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Auk I

1 ¼ aluminum tubing, soldered washer on end, woodened bullet shape nose cone, had black powder/ stamp glue mix, raised 6ft and made a "poot" sound and fell into a cloud of gray smoke. first to fly!!!

Auk II

Steel body with welded steel bar stock, sat spewing sparks for a minute, took off 10ft and bounced off a tree, then went up 20ft and "dropped like a dead bird"


built like Auk II and twirled up, twanged off a maple tree, and thudded into side of the mountain

Auk IV

"whoosh" down the mountain, barely missed the mine, landed in coal dust beside the railroad track and took a chunk out of a brick building

Auk V

Finely ground black powdered mix, went 50ft up and aimed for bystanders

Auk VI

louder hiss with cured black powdered mix, went "twice as high as the mountains"


50ft up, took a horseshoe turn and slammed into ground


bounced in front of blockhouse and exploded sending shrapnel

Auk IX

made with rocket candy and had a satisfying hiss but plopped no more than 100ft from pad

Auk X

Fizzeled and thrusted gently on its fins, rocket candy had melted

Auk XI

non-moistened rocket candy, left off and exploded with steel fragments whistling overhead


melted rocket candy, shot off and leaned downrange leaving a smoke stream, went up 760ft


wasn't as high as Auk XII, nozzle was worn through


went up 3,000ft and nose cone was turned to sawdust

Auk XV

went half as high as Auk XIV


fell with a thunk and was ingnited by battery


ranged from 2,000 to 3,000ft high

Auk XX

Steel casement and melted rocket candy, exploded as it got past 300ft


Nozzle was more shaped, shot three weeks after Ike died hot flame spurted from bottom as it leapt off the base leaving a white trail, went 4100ft


zinc-sulfer mix, detonated on launch pad, sending shards of steel everywhere. Made Greenish White smoke

Auk XXII - A

zincoshine fuel, disappeared into the sky and was up for 38sec. Went up 5,776ft

Auk XXII - B

while trying to determine thrust, zipped down the tube, jerked the plank off the sawhorses, divided into the slack, bounced once whizzing over blockhouse and hit a hornet's nest

Auk XXII - C

became a rocket jackhammer and broke mom's bathroom scale

Auk XXII - D

Aimed towards Coalwood, landed in field and nozzle was only showing


Zincoshine feul, 4ft in length, streaked out of sight with thundering sound echoeing through mountains, was up forty two sec and went 7,056ft! was eroded out


a stretched out version of Auk XXIII, filled six inches with zincoshine (mixed 2/3 sulfer and 1/3 zinc) curved throat on rocket, wouldn't start cause cork fell off so the used firecracker fuse and it zipped out of sight, 48sec and went 8500ft!


Peaked at the predicted 15,000 ft and fell down range. The hit bent the metal casement and shattered the wooden nose cone


Was a simple countersink nozzle and reached 3,000 feet.


1.25 inch wide and 3.5 feet long, the zincoshine was not all the way cured. It reached 9,000 ft with a silver column of smoke.


At first, it bent slightly toward the crowd, but straightened up flying past Rocket Mountain and hitting a yellow jackets nest.


designed for 20,000 ft and was six feet long and two inches wide. Also, it almost reached 4 miles into the atmosphere.


designed for 20,000 ft and was 5 foot 10.5 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide. It reached a total height of 23,000 ft. Quentin was excited, jumping up and down.


Homer Hickam Sr. launched this rocket, it was six and a half feet long and two and a quarter inches in diameter. It erupted and caused cement chunks to go out of the launch pad and a sound wave go over Coalwood. It reached a height of 31,000 feet.

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