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A clothing manufacturer build quality into its operating system, placing responsibility on each empylee. This process is known as quality:

A.) delivery
B.) guarantee
C.) assurance
D.) inspection
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Which of the following financial services providers is most likely to provide a small, local coddee shop with business loans, checking and savings accounts, and overdraft protection:

A.) Eastern Region Investment Bank
B.) Marley and Winston Commercial Bank
C.) Walker CPA Firm
D.) Allen and Mellen Brokerage Firm
What type of channel conflict often occurs between manufacturues and thier authorized dealers?VerticalAdvertisers that use concept testing to obtain feedback from potential customers and conducting?primary market researchWhich of the following is categorized as a fixed expense in a personal budget?car paymentWhat is a company's private computer network that allows authorized users to share information?IntranetA benefit of using an integrated software application package is that it allows businesses to?manage all aspects of the operationWhat process might a business use to enter marketing data into a computer for analysis?KeyboardingJob applicants often list on their resumes the names, positions, and adresses of several people who are willing to serve as...ReferencesWal-mart, Chevron Texaco, and Ford Motor Company sell stock in their companies. They are examples of which of the following types of business ownership:CorporationListening carefully should enable emplyees tofollow directionsOne of the differences amoung people that can be difficult to change is theirmental abilityAn e-mail message that is sent to a coworker should containessential informationWhich of the following occurs when a country can produce goods at a relatively more efficient rate than another country?comparative advantageWhat type of promotional media might a chain of supermarkets use in order to reach a large number of potential customers in its geographic area?suburban newspapersThe goods and services sold during a ear to foreign buyers are a country'sexportsWhich of the following is a reason to avoid drawing distinctions between people?everyone is uniqueWhat is a technologyically advanced method that allows businesses to produce products that are specialized for a very few customers?mass customizationWhich of the following is an example of a payroll deduction?health insuranceWhat is the relationship between research purpose and research design?purpose dictates designEmplyrrs often use simple written reports to provide managers with ___ inforamtionroutineWhich of the following would be least likely to be found on the label of a nonhazardous product?precautions when using the productWhat communication channels is a corporation's public-relations department most likely to use to maintain positive relationships with shareholders?newsletters, annual reports, and the company's websiteWhat businesses try to foster positive customer/client relations by encouraging emplyees to be...friendlyWhich of the following would be a short-term financial goal?saving enough to buy a DVDOne way to determine the usefulness and accuracy of research information is toassess timelinessThe marketing function that helps sellers to provide information to buyer about the seller's products ispromotionIf a business wants all of the members of a project team to have the ability to acess the same information from different locations, it should use ______ applications.groupware computerBecause people often change their negotiating styles and strategies, effective negotiators must be...flexibleA market for goods and services exists when there is a group of...potential consumersThe data needed for sales volume analyses and market share analyses come sales reportYou are in a better position to control your own future if you ___ changeanticipateWhat data-collection method can be used to obtain product information during the point-of-purchase process?volume tracking scannerThe paymenet of taxes to the federal government allows it to provide goods and services to ___ and ____businesses; householdsCustomers are more likely to spend a lot of time evaluating several options before buying a product when....the product is expensiveKent is going to start his own business. He is concerned that the merchandise he wants to carry will go out of style soon after opening his business. Which type of risk must he prepare for?economicSalespeople may risk losing a sale to a potential customer if they are unable to explain a business's __________ policies.sellingA business;s advertising and display efforts should be...coordinatedBeing attentive, watching trends, and pinpointing problems are ways for entrepreneurs to uncoverproduct opportunitiesAllison is attending a business seminar. Because the seminar presenter is speaking very quickly, Allison is having a difficult time taking accurate notes. What technique would help Allison take notes quickly?use abbreviations and symbolsThe negative effect of slotting fees is that they often limit a small producer's ability tointroduce new items in the marketplaceA research study participant providing incorrect information on a questionnaire is an example of aresponce errorWhat form of technology are salespeople using that eliminates the need to carry a laptop and personal data assistant while making sales calls?smartphoneWhat is often one of the largest sources of money flowing out of a business?payroll and benefitsThe purpose of depositing large bills in drop boxes upon receipt is to prevent...robberyA manufacturer has learned that its market is expanding. How should this information be used?To increase productionThe Microsoft Corporation generated $51.12 billion in revenue in 2007. This is an example offactual informationLoss due to shoplifting is an example of a(n) _____ business riskhumanWhich of the following technological tools has made it possible for a buisness to spend personalized promotional messages in a cost-efficient manner:electronic mailThe Acquired Needs Theory implies that a person's buying behavior is affected by 3 primary needs, which include achievement, power, and...esteemTatiana is a project manager who is ready to close a project, and has scheduled a "lessons learned" meeting with the project team. What will Tatiana most likely include on her meeting agenda?discussion of specific challenges encounteredMany buinesses use their company manuals as a source of information in order to __ new employeesorientWhich of the following would not be cpnsidered an intermediary in a channel of distributionproducerWhat communication channel do businesses often use to disseminate positive public-relations information about themselves and their emplyees to external audiences?The mediaWhich of the following examples illustrates the use of the cause and effect method of a format for structuring oral presentationsThe use of toxic chemicals in the environment can result in the extinction of many species of waterfowlConsumers buy products to benefitthemselvesOne reason advertising prescription drugs online might be considered an ethical issue is because the advertisements might persuade customers touse drugs they do not needSara is a new marketing employee who is learning that the best way to listen to customers isactivelyWhich of the following is true statement about sample size?The larger the sample size, the betterA local supermarket's front-end employees are trained to smile and greet customers as they approach the cash register and say thank you as customers leave. This approachbuild customer loyaltyPersuasion is an important part of which of the following functions:communicationWhich of the following represents an operating expense for a business?cost of utilitiesDistribution examines how income is divied betweenproducers and resource ownersWith a high level of selling ethics, you would typically ask which of the following questions in an ethical situationWhat is the right thing to do?What best describes the goal of amplified word-of-mouth?Providing information to activists to share with othersCreative problem solving requires the ability to thinknontraditionallyWhat do managers often do after a project has been successfully completed?Prepare a reportOne reason customers who pay for products with a credit card usually want to know the interest charges is because those chargesadd to the cost of the purchaseWhen Amber walked by Ryan's desk, she noticed that Ryan was raking his left hand through his hair, that his face was red, and that he kept hitting the enter button on keyboard with his right hand, while frowning at his computer screen. Based on his nonverbal cues, Amber would probably assume that Ryan wasfrustratedWhat types of environmental factors do businesses often consider when conducting a situational analysis?Internal and externalWhich of the following situations is most likely to result in long-term, increased sales for a business?constantly providing new choices for consumersProduct/service management can help to decreasebusiness riskCameron said to his manager, "The order didn't ship because Sam didn't tell me that we didn't have enough items in stock." What is Cameron doing?Blaming another person for a communication breakdownWhat feature do many word-processing software programs contain that enables businesses to prepare accurate written documents?dictionaryA company's computer network allows many users to access the same programs on different computer units throughout the company. What type of computer operating system is the company using?MultiprocessingSome companies have lowered the number of accidents on the job by usingsafety programsWhich of the following is a disadvantage of the matrix organizational structure:It violates the unity of command principlesThe principles by which you live your life are refered to as yourvaluesA primary reason that employees experience burnout in the workplace is because theybecome bored with the workWhen Brandon lost his job due to downsizing, the government sent him an unemployment check to help him cover his living expenses until he found another job. What is Brandon's source of income?Transfer paymentHow does appropriate information management affect a business's relationship with its customers?businesses serve customers more effectivelyWhich of the following economic laws is a business following when it stops hiring after its current employees achieve a certain level of productivity:diminishing returnsWhich of the following is often the best way for a salesperson to handle the slow/methodical type of difficult customer:Summarize benefitsWhat synectics technique compares a problem with something else that is unrelated?forced analogiesThe price factor is important to the other 3 factors in marketing because the 4 marketing factors areinterdependantWhen you look for suppocredibility of the sourcesWhich of the following is an example of a buisness behaving ethically in an effort to protect consumers:using tamper-resistant packagingWhen businesses invest funds to expand, they are involved in the process of:financeThe most appropriate way for the High-Tech Computer Company to communicate information about its new line of computers at a trade show is byholding product demonstrationsPredatory pricing is an unethical business practice because it can create economic conditions in whichconsumers have fewer choicesIn order for teachers to prepare report cards, they must __________ their students.evaluateFeedback from customers about problems with products provides producers with the information needed tomake product improvementsWhich of the following activities is the primary responsibility of the U.S. judicial system:Applies the laws.John loves sports and would like to own his own sporting goods business. He has set aside some money for investment but has very little time for the day -to-day operations of a business. What type of business ownership would you recommend?Corporation.Which of the following products would likely use an exclusive distribution pattern:A large piece of farm machinery.Which of the following is the most common channel of distribution for consumer goods:ManufacturerUsing coercive power in distribution channel relationships is illegal in the United States if it...Restricts competitionWhen coordinating marketing activities, it is important for all distribution channel members to understand their roles in the supply chain and to...Communicate clearlyWhat is an effective technique for employees to use to extract relevant information from written materials?...Take notes while readingWhich of the following is a communication technique that supports and encourages a speaker:...Active listeningIn order for an employee to follow directions s/he is being given about how to do a new job properly, the employee must...Focus on the message's contentTo enunciate when speaking to customers means to...Pronounce words clearly.Paul is responding to an inquiry he received in the mail. His response includes some good news and some bad news. How should he structure his response in light of the bad news?...Place the good news at the beginning and the bad news in secondary position(s)When you ask questions in an open -minded way, you avoid...Attacking someone else's idea.When writing e-mail messages to businesspeople, it is best to avoid using...Initialisms.Employees often use simple written reports to provide managers with __________ information....RoutineWhat might a business lose if an advertisement attracted new customers, but they were greeted by a discourteous employee?...Repeat business.What kind of customer would make the following statement: "Why are you always moving everything around? You really make it hard for me to find what I want."...DisagreeableCarpeting had been installed in Karl's living room and den on Friday afternoon. The next day, he noticed that along one wall, the carpeting was not laid properly. Karl called the installer to have the problem corrected. The carpet installer should first...Listen to Karl and see the problem through his eyes.Dry cleaning is an example of a(n)...Economic service.When goods or services are made more useful to consumers, the goods and services have added...UtilityBecause the Engel Company takes raw materials and makes products that are useful for consumers, it is an example of a...ManufacturerWhich of the following has a direct impact on a manager's span of control:...Number of subordinatesThe economic system in which producers are willing to use resources to create products that consumers are willing to buy is known as a __________ economic system....Market.Which of the following situations would involve direct competition:...A new bank opens in a community already served by three banks.Which of the following transactions would be counted in the gross domestic product:...A customer purchases a sweater.A high rate of unemployment usually has a negative impact on a country's...Gross domestic product.Jennifer's manager pointed out some areas for improvement in her last performance review. Now, she thinks she is a poor employee. This is an example of...False generalization.Katrina is a long-time employee who routinely finishes her assignments ahead of schedule. John, a new employee, often stays late to complete his work. As a responsible employee, Katrina should...Offer to assist John if she canOne of the characteristics of a positive attitude that is easy to observe is...A friendly smile.Which of the following causes the greatest number of cultural sensitivity issues:...Communication.An effective way to create a desire for others to agree with your ideas is by...Explaining benefits.Which of the following is a basic belief that you must have so you can start to be assertive:...Your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions are importantEmployees who are able to deal with new situations and changes in the workplace are demonstrating...AdaptabilityShari finally finished the major project she'd been working on for months, so she takes the day of f and heads to the spa. Which step in developing an achievement orientation does this illustrate?...Rewarding yourself for your accomplishmentsHuman relations can best be described as the study of the ways people...Form and conduct relationshipsWhen Matthew receives a check four times a year for income he has earned on his stock investments, he is receiving...DividendsThe XYZ Company has a financial organization within the business that offers small loans, installment credit, and low interest rates to its members. This is an example of a...Credit unionPreparing wills and setting up guardianships are types of financial services that often are provided by...AttorneysMark has decided to hire a financial-services provider to help him plan his long-term financial goals. Which of the following should he do first:...Obtain referrals from trusted friends.Business risks that are caused by changes in the market are called __________ risks....Economic.Which of the following presents the steps in the accounting process in the correct order:...Record, organize, summarizeA business's cash flow statement for one month indicates cash sales of $10,250, credit sales of $3,750, loans received of $525, and fixed expenses of $2,800. Calculate the total cash receipts....$10,775A summarization of the total income and expense of a business for a period of time is called...The profit-and-loss statement.One reason why human resources management is important to the success of a business is because this process is responsible for...Staffing the businessWhich of the following is one way that businesses use marketing information:...To develop new products.A marketing -information management system can help businesses to...Discover new marketsThe Internet gives marketing-information managers the ability to search for data in...Remote locationsKelli accesses a professional association's web site to review information about employment trends in a specific industry. What type of research is Kelli obtaining?...SecondaryWhich of the following is an example of a method that marketers use to conduct causal research:...ExperimentsMarketing businesses use the information from sales representatives to make decisions. One type of report that details a sales representative's planned sales calls and routes for an upcoming week or month is a(n) __________ report....ActivityWhat is a common method of collecting research data that often involves the use of questionnaires?...Mail surveyWhat type of data do descriptive statistics summarize?...SampleWhat should researchers consider when evaluating the design of questionnaires?...Types of questionsOne way for a marketing researche r to determine if online journals and articles are up -to-date is by...Locating the publication dateThe most immediate impact of the marketing function is its relation to...Offering a variety of goods and servicesWhen Ken Ditioner, owner of Shine Shampoo, considers how to package the items he produces, he is making a __________ decision....ProductIf you were trying to convince someone to use quantitative sales forecasting, which of the following factors would you stress:...Factual basis.Which of the following is a trend in information management:...Increased compliance laws and regulationsA legal issue associated with the use of information might involve the violation of __________ laws....CopyrightWhich of the following is a computer-based time -management tool that helps employees keep track of their appointments and activities:...Electronic task organizerWhat is a spreadsheet soft ware program's calculation for next year's operating expenses based on the following information: an increase of 5% over current sales of $675,500 a year, and a 3% increase in operating expenses that are currently 40% of sales....$304,988.25What approach to record keeping is Dahlia's business using when it hires a data processing center to handle the record keeping for its accounting information?...Outsourcing the task.Which of the following examples illustrates how environmental factors are dynamic:...High interest rates will eventually get lowerWhat is the advantage to businesses of reviewing internal records to obtain information?...Data are specific to the companyWhen operating machinery in the workplace, employees can reduce the risk of injury to themselves and damage to the machinery by...Following the manufacturer's operating instructionsWhich of the following is an example of a security precaution to protect the business from credit-card fraud:...Checking the customer's signature.Which of the following is an example of an internal source that Eli can use to develop a project that he needs to complete for his supervisor:...Sales reportsWhich of the following is a benefit of project planning:...Coordinating all of the parts of the projectAn auto-parts buyer evaluates a new vendor's performance and determines that the vendor didn't follow through on all of its promises and was late delivering the buyer's order. One of the first things that the buyer should do is...Communicate his/her feedback to the vendorWhich of the following should a business deduct from gross profit in order to arrive at net profit:...Operating expenses.One of the major functions of business maintenance is to...Create a favorable impressionWhat is an important guideline to remember when establishing personal goals?...Set realistic goals.One of the ways creativity is useful in marketing occupations is in accomplishing __________ activities....Public relationsIndividuals often succeed in occupations that require the skills that match their...AptitudesA job applicant should be able to completely answer the interviewer's questions if s/he has been...ListeningWhat is an important quality that all résumés should possess?...Neatness.Businesses that display their goods and services at trade shows usually have representatives available whose major responsibility is to...Meet with potential customersWhat do customers often associate with high prices?...QualityA law is established to ensure that businesses include pricing terms in their advertisements. The law is designed to discourage businesses from practicing __________ pricing strategies....DeceptiveTechnology is important to the product/service management function because it helps a business...Monitor inventoryWith the arrival of digital television, many customers have purchased new digital televisions. A marketer recognized that these customers would want to do something with their old TVs. This is an example of...Opportunity recognitionA common way for businesses to generate new product ideas is by reviewing...Customer surveysA women's clothing store that tells customers it will refund their money if they are not completely satisfied with any item they buy is providing a(n)...GuaranteeHarrison Stroller Company manufactures baby strollers. The business launched a new stroller line in hopes of increasing its market share. The new model featured neon, plastic, musical toys on the front bar of the stroller. By the middle of the first year, there were 50 reports of infant injuries. What legal action will Harrison Stroller Company have to face?...Product liability.Which of the following is a reason why a business might choose to expand its product mix:...To increase salesA company that makes ink pens claims that no other pen on the market uses a type of ink that changes color when exposed to light. The company is positioning its product according to what strategy?...Unique characteristicsCorporate branding involves creating a specific image for a variety of products and product lines by focusing on...A common visionThe way that business benefits directly from promotion is through...Increased sales.Effective product promotions can be used by businesses to...Persuade consumers to buy goods or servicesCritics claim that promotion poses an ethical dilemma because it encourages __________ attitudes in society....MaterialisticWhen a government requires a business to inform consumers about its product's limitations in its promotional materials, it is often referred to as...Affirmative disclosure.What type of promotional media might a chain of businesses use in order to reach a large number of potential customers in a particular state or province?...Regional magazinesWhich of the following is a communications channel used in sales promotion:...Discount couponsWhy is it important to coordinate the elements in advertisements?...To strengthen the theme.Businesses often participate in trade shows as a way of communicating with their...Target audiencesAn important external factor that affects the type of promotional plan a business develops is the business's...CompetitionOne of the ways that salespeople can use selling to create desire for products is by...Using product demonstrationsWhich of the following is a positive outcome for a business when its salespeople consistently provide excellent customer service as part of the selling process:...Positive reputationAn example of a lead that a salesperson might obtain from sources within his/her own company is a lead...Obtained from an industry trade showHow do antitrust laws that prevent the formation of monopolies and promote competition affect businesses?...Make certain selling activities illegalA customer asks a specific product question that a new salesperson cannot answer. What should the new salesperson do?...Ask an available, experienced employeeA business that effectively coordinates channel management with marketing activities is more likely to providegood customer service.Which of the following types of business organizations reduces or limits the risk of its stockholders:Corporation.Which of the following would probably use a longer channel of distribution than the others:A bottle of shampoo.Electronic billing, purchase-order verification, bar-code technology, and image processing are examples ofIntegrated data between channel members.When filing a tort against a business, the plaintiff must establish that the defendantBreached the duty of careA producer can minimize channel conflict among its distributors and retailers byOffering different products through each channel.What is an advantage of verbal communication?Tone of voice can be used to express emotions and thoughts.When Amber walked by Ryan's desk, she noticed that Ryan was raking his left hand through his hair, that his face was red, and that he kept hitting the enter button on his keyboard with his right hand, while frowning at his computer screen. Based on his nonverbal cues, Amber would probably assume that Ryan wasFrustrated.You're giving directions to a group of coworkers, and you want to be sure they do exactly what you say. You shouldGive directions in the proper order.It is most appropriate for businesspeople to use complex, technical jargon when they areSpeaking with coworkers.The human resources manager sends an email to all employees stating that they will need to park on the street on Tuesday because the maintenance department will be repairing the company's parking lot. This is an example of a(n)Informational message.A memorandum is typically used for communication that takes placeWithin a business.Jayson just learned his company wants to hire a new public relations assistant. He posts the job position information on his personal social media accounts and gives contact information for the manager that will be conducting interviews. Why is this inappropriate use of social media?It is unprofessional to post company employment information on a personal siteWhich of the following is a common product-related complaint:Incorrect sizeTwo similar brand promises may be carried out differently depending on theirBusiness environments.A company decides to spend $5,000 on new office furniture instead of putting that money toward the marketing budget. What is the opportunity cost of this decision?Lost benefits of additional marketing.Businesses that carry a considerable assortment of goods but only one or a few related product lines are __________ businesses.Limited-line.Which of the following is a true statement about how technology affects the external business environment:Businesses must look for updated technology all the time.Business ethics involve considering issues about what isRight and wrongLegal protection of an invention or a process granted by the government to its owners for a certain number of years is aPatent.A depression is characterized by which of the following:High unemployment.Interest rates rising and falling by a wide range on a regular basis often are an indication ofEconomic instability.George thinks his culture is superior to all other cultures. This is known asEthnocentrism.When your level of self-esteem is low, this causes you to haveDoubts about yourself.Thinking of a time when you were happy and proud can help youDetermine what values made you feel that way.Adhering to an established set of personal ethics is referred to asIntegrityEthical dilemmas should be thought of asOpportunities.Jamie is constantly running from obligation to obligation, without a second of free time, and feels like he is behind on all of his work. Jamie is most likely to beOvercommittedWhich of the following might be considered a violation of employees' privacy in the workplaceUse of video cameras.Integrity is one of the most important traits for ethical leaders to develop because itIs the foundation for other ethical principles.What often increases when a person continually resists change or fails to adapt to new circumstances?Levels of stress.What is the first step in the process of leading change?Show why the change is necessary.Being enthusiastic about your job is an example of what type of behavior that builds positive working relationships?Having a good attitudeCompanies spend lots of time and money developing positive organizational cultures because positive culture is linked withImproved results.The entrepreneurs best equipped to work long hours and overcome obstacles are ones who possessPassion for their work.Each pay period, Kendra has her employer automatically deposit her paycheck into her checking account so the funds are available for use when she needs them. In this situation, money is functioning as a(n)Store of value.Bryant recently applied for a personal loan from the Maryville Community Credit Union, but his application was rejected. Bryant has a friend who works at the credit union, so he asks her what went wrong with his application. She told Bryant that the credit union's manager is prejudiced and rarely accepts applications from individuals of Bryant's religion. The credit union violated Bryant's right toEqual credit opportunity.Saving the money that you might ordinarily spend each day on a cup of coffee and a donutCan help you achieve larger financial goals.Sasha's personal budget contains two broad categories for her expenses. She should put her mortgage, her car insurance payment, and her utilities in the __________ expenses category.Fixed.The following is written on the back of a check: "For deposit only; Maria Evans; Account #285655." This is an example of a(n) __________ endorsement.Fixed.Which of the following is the most likely action that the government takes when a person misses the deadline for filing his/her income tax return:PenaltyIncome from sales, cost of goods sold, gross profit on sales, operating expenses, and net profit or loss are all part of a(n)Income statement.Lucia, a business owner, just hired a new employee. What is one thing she should be sure to do on the employee's first day?Assign the new employee a mentor who can answer any questions s/he may have.What does a business need in order to understand why a successful product is suddenly losing popularity?Marketing information.Which of the following describes an ethical privacy policy:It includes a system to protect customers in the event of a data breach.Which of the following is a technology tool that allows a business to observe a customer's Internet activities:CookieThe Henry Smith Company wants to select a representative group of consumers to survey. What part of marketing research is it doing?SamplingManagers and researchers have formalized their decisions into a statement of what the marketing research study will achieve, known as aResearch objective.The data needed for sales volume analyses and market share analyses come fromCompany sales reports.Orson, a researcher, is asking a customer a series of questions during a scheduled meeting. Orson is using the __________ method to collect marketing data.InterviewWhat is an indirect, mechanical-observation data-collection method that a business can use to obtain accurate information about the specific types of products that its customers are buying?Point-of-sale scanners.The following appeared on a recent survey: "Do you agree that the government wastes taxpayers' money by supporting unnecessary programs?" This is an example of a(n)Leading question.Which marketing function helps businesses answer questions like, "Who are our customers?" and "Where are they located?"Marketing-information management.Would a successful business ever change its marketing strategy?Yes, changes in the marketplace require changes in marketing strategyBusinesses need to identify their markets in order toReach goals and satisfy customers.For which of the following can a sales forecast predict sales:A specific geographic area.The Microsoft Corporation generated $51.12 billion in revenue in 2007. This is an example ofFactual information.Rhonda is doing research for a paper in her business class. She should use sources thatWere written by authors who are reputable.Which of the following is a way in which technology has changed the way businesses operate:Employees are sometimes able to do their work from home.The set of computer programs that manages the hardware and software of a computer is theOperating system.When developing a computer-based presentation, it is important that each slide containKey pointsDmitri is building a new website. Which of the following does he need to register to obtain a web address for his new site:Domain name.Which of the following helps in the interpretation of mined data:Visual representation.The purpose of a company's operations function is to manage itsDay-to-day activities.Jason is an IT professional for his company, and one of his responsibilities involves the maintenance of the office's copy machines. One of the company's old copiers is due for a replacement in a few weeks. What should Jason do to ensure that any sensitive information stored on the copier is protected?Contact the copier's manufacturer, dealer, or servicer to learn about options for removing or overwriting the copier's hard drive.Which of the following is a true statement about the benefit of having a safe workplace:Bodily injuries are decreasedA project is officially authorized to begin by theProject charterBefore selecting the right people to work on a project, it is important to identify theNeeded skills.Superior Office Company received a state contract to supply office equipment to all public schools in the area. What does the company need in order to effectively produce the contract?InputsWhich of the following quality-control methods improves quality by saving time and allowing potential problems to be caught earlier in the product design and development process:Concurrent engineering.One of the benefits of setting goals that will help you in your relationships with others is that setting goalsHelps you understand yourself.A government enacts a law requiring all businesses to allow each employee a 15-minute break every four hours. This is an example of a law addressing an employee's right toFair treatment.Which of the following should you do when preparing your letter of application:Mention any mutual contacts you have.One reason it is important for marketing professionals to follow ethical standards is toBuild positive relationships with other individuals and businesses.A basic reason for the formation of a trade association is toFind solutions for common problems.Which of the following is a common consequence for violating rules of conduct:Written warningWhich area of promotion will pricing affect?advertising budgetWhich of the following is an example of a potential unethical pricing issue as it relates to social responsibility:A pharmaceutical company sells a common lifesaving drug at extremely high prices in specific geographical regions.Most marketers cannot expect to maintain their profit rates unless theyIntroduce new products from time to time.One way that advances in technology help businesses keep existing products on the market and extend their life cycle is byImproving performance.What synectics technique compares a problem with something else that is unrelated?Forced analogiesA restaurant wants to develop new menu items that will appeal to its customers. A server mentions that many customers have asked for gluten-free meals, so the restaurant decides to try out a few new gluten free menu items. What method of idea generation did the restaurant use?CustomersWhy do businesses want to meet quality standards?To reduce costs.During the first year that Rick owned his new car, the vehicle seemed to spend more time in the repair shop than it did on the road. Rick contacted the auto manufacturer and demanded his money back because the car seemed to be defective, but the manufacturer refused. A member of the Better Business Bureau agreed to act as an impartial third party in the dispute. The BBB member studied the facts of the case, determined that the car was indeed defective, and decided how much money the carmaker would be required to refund to Rick. This is an example ofArbitrationInventory reduction, sales stimulation, and new-product introduction are reasons that many businesses use __________ techniques.Product-bundling.Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Pillsbury are examples of __________ brands.NationalA department store sells clothing from brands like Levi's, but it also sells its own private brands of clothing, also known as __________ brands.DistributorWhat concept is illustrated in the following situation: A new business uses newspaper publicity and personal selling to attract customers and plans a special sales event to generate publicity for its grand openingPromotionCoca-Cola's "Always the real thing" campaign is an example of what type of promotion?ProductWhich of the following examples depicts an advantage of using digital advertising:Viewers must interact with a video ad before continuing to a websiteWhich of the following statements is true regarding the regulation of promotional activities:Governmental restrictions in regard to promotional activities vary by country.Which advertising medium offers the advantage of locating the promotional message near the point of purchase?BillboardsWhat does a business's customers recommending the business to their friends exemplify?Word-of-mouth communicationAn important public relations activity in business involves giving public relations advice toManagementWhich of the following is an internal factor that affects a business's selling policies:Financial resources.Which of the following is a reason why the ethical and legal issues involved in selling activities are extremely important:Buyers avoid doing business with unethical salespeople.What information could a salesperson obtain by examining a product?TextureWhich of the following is an example of a salesperson describing a product's construction and materials:"Because the manufacturer uses high-grade materials to produce this item, its quality is superior."After Dana helped her customer select a sweater, she asked her how she would like to pay for it. This is an example of what phase of the selling process?Reaching closure.When assessing risks associated with an upcoming event, sport/event organizations should acquire input from all levels of management andVertical staff members.