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TCI Training

What is expected of Indian Oaks Academy To Work There.
Support & Teach
The Goals Of Crisis
Pre-Crisis (baseline)
1st Circle in sun
Triggering Event ( child feeling agitation)
2nd Circle in the sun
Escalation Stage (Child feeling Agression)
3rd Circle in the sun
Outburst (Child is feeling Violence)
4th top circle in the sun
Recovery Stage
Last circle
Higher (Educateur)
First of Three recovery stages
No Change (Fire fighter)
Second of Three recovery Stages
Lower (Abuse)
Third of Three recovery Stages
Self-Awareness (4 ?'s)
6 Pyramid stages (1)
Active Listening Crisis Communication
6 Pyramid stages (2)
Behavior Support Tech.
6 Pyramid stages (3)
Emotional First Aid (band-aid)
6 Pyramid Stages (4)
Co-regulation (staff step in)
6 Pyramid Stages (5)
LSI (Life Space Interview)
6 Pyramid Stages (6)
What am I feeling Now?
Four Questions (1)
What does the young person want or need?
Four Questions (2)
How is the environment effecting the situation?
Four Questions (3)
How best do I respond?
Four Questions (4)
Silence, Nods, Facial expressions, eye contact
Non-verbal techniques (1-4)
A potential trigger, A target, A weapon, Level stress or motivation
Elements of a potentially harmful situation (4)