16 terms

Social Studies Spring Exam (Part 4)

Renewable resources
are those that can be replaced
is a ban on trade by one country with another
Subsistence farming
means growing only enough food for local use
Negative population growth
is when the death rate is higher than the birthrate
Metropolitan areas
are known as cities and their surrounding areas
At the end of the 1900s, the world experienced the ________ Revolution
a tax imposed on imported goods
is a form of government which a king or queen has chief control of the state
is a command economy with very strict controls
The World's population is unevenly distributed
is an accurate statement.
Cultures are defined by language, religion,
social groups, government, and economic activities
Ethnic group
is made up of people who have a common language, history, and place of origin
natural resources
elements from the earth not made by people but usable by them
poplulation density
average number of people living in a square unit of land
developing country
country that is working toward greater technology and manufacturing
command economy
system under which the government owns the means of production and distribution