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There is twice as much molecular kinetic energy in 2 liters
of boiling water as in 1 liter of boiling water. Which will be
the same for both?

temperatureAverage kinetic energy of molecules is the same, which means
temperature is the same for both.

To say that body A has a higher temperature than body B
is to say that body A has more

kinetic energy per particle

If a red hot thumbtack is immersed in warm water, the
direction of heat flow will be from the

red hot thumbtack to the warm water.

The same quantity of heat is added to different amounts of
water in two equal-size containers. The temperature of the
smaller amount of water

increases more

You heat a half-cup of tea and its temperature rises by 4°C.
How much will the temperature rise if you add the same
amount of heat to a full cup of tea


When work is done on a system, for example, compressing
air in a tire pump, the temperature of the system

increasesIn accord with the first law of thermodynamics, work input
increases the energy of the system.0

Your locker gets messier each week. In this case, the entropy of your locker is

increasing.If your locker became more organized each week, then entropy would decrease in
proportion to the effort expended

Which has the higher specific heat capacity, water or land

WaterA substance with small temperature changes for large heat
changes has a high specific heat capacity. Water takes much
longer to heat up in the sunshine than does land. This difference
is a major influence on climate.

When stringing telephone lines between poles in the
summer, it is advisable to allow the lines to

sag.Telephone lines are longer in a warmer summer and shorter in a cold winter.
Hence, they sag more on hot summer days than in winter. If the lines are not
strung with enough sag in summer, they might contract too much and snap during
the winter—especially when carrying ice.

When a sample of 0°C water is heated, it first

contracts.Water continues to contract until it reaches a temperature of 4°C.
With further increase in temperature beyond 4°C, water then

When a sample of 4°C water is cooled, it

expands.Parts of the water will crystallize and occupy more space.

If you hold one end of a metal bar against a piece of ice,
the end in your hand will soon become cold. Does cold flow
from the ice to your hand?

no. Cold does not flow from the ice to your hand. Heat flows from your
hand to the ice. The metal is cold to your touch, because you are
transferring heat to the metal.

Although warm air rises, why are mountaintops cold and
snow covered, while the valleys below are relatively warm
and green?

Warm air cools when rising. There is a thick insulating blanket of air above valleys. Earth's atmosphere acts as a blanket, which keeps the valleys
from freezing at nighttime

The surface of Earth loses energy to outer space due
mostly to

radiation.Radiation is the only choice, given the vacuum of outer space.

Which body glows with electromagnetic waves?

sun. earth. Earth glows in long-wavelength radiation, while the Sun glows in
shorter waves.

If a good absorber of radiant energy were a poor emitter, its
temperature compared with its surroundings would be

higher.If a good absorber were not also a good emitter, there would be a
net absorption of radiant energy, and the temperature of a good
absorber would remain higher than the temperature of the
surroundings. Nature is not so!

A hot pizza placed in the snow is a net

emitter.The relation tells us that high temperature sources emit
high frequency waves. High frequency waves have short

Which melts faster in sunshine—dirty snow or clean snow?

dirty snow.Dirty snow absorbs more sunlight, whereas clean snow reflects

Which is the better statement?

An object that absorbs energy well is black.This is a cause-and-effect question. The color black doesn't draw
in and absorb energy. It's the other way around—any object that
does draw in and absorb energy, will, by consequence, be black
in color.

It is commonly thought that a can of beverage will cool
faster in the coldest part of a refrigerator. Knowledge of
Newton's law of cooling

supports this knowledge.

The "greenhouse gases" that contribute to global warming

more infrared radiation than visibled

If bits of coals do not stick to your feet when firewalking, it's
best if your feet are

wet.The energy that vaporizes water is energy that doesn't burn your

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