Heredity and Evolution

Evolutionary Psychology
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Briefly describe how process of evolution through natural selection is believed to occurIn a given species, some individuals have genes that adapt to finding food, surviving the elements, and fending off enemies better than others. As a result, these individuals have a better chance at survival and reproduction of their genes and get to pass them down to their offspring. As a result, their genes will become more and more popular in the population (ref. pg. 75)What are some of the HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS that are thought to result from this evolutionary process (natural selection)Sexual strategies (males competing with males & more promiscuous, females searching for a long term partner), although this is up to debate (ref. pg. 79)How have conclusions concerning evolutionary influences on mating strategies been criticized?...what is meant by the term "heritability"? why do people sometimes misunderstand its meaning? can the environment influence intelligence (which is a strongly heritable characteristic)?...