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biosphere ® ecosystems ® communities ® populations ® organisms ® cells ® molecules ® atoms
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the unidirectional flow of energy and the cycling of nutrients.The dynamics of an ecosystem depends on two main processes:~Your body is composed of many different kinds of cells. ~Each cell contains many complex molecular structures. ~Many nonliving things may be complex, but they do not exhibit our degree of complexity.Which of the following statements is true?homeostasisYour body temperature is maintained at 98.6'F. This is an example of which characteristic of life?deoxyribonucleic acid.Nonliving entities do NOT possessI reproduction II. growth III. developmentEnergy sources are needed for which of the following processes?family name and species nameEach new organism discovered by biologists is given a scientific name. That scientific name consists of which of the following?genus, speciesn Panthera leo, Panthera represents the name of the ____ while leo represents the name of the ____.bacteria, archaea, and eukaryaAll known species can be grouped into three domains:planteaMembers of what group are multicellular producers?fungiWhich of the following groups are made up almost exclusively of decomposers?sunlight; carbon dioxide; waterPlants perform photosynthesis by using the energy of ____ to power production of sugars from ____ and ____ molecules.~is the systematic study of nature. ~limits to what is observable. ~ requires quantification. ~does not address subjective questions.Scienceperform experimentsIn order to verify a hypothesis, scientistsobservation; question; hypothesis; test; data; conclusionWhat is the right sequence of events applied in the scientific method?is widely accepted and supported by several evidencesA scientific theoryexperiments; test; hypothesis.Scientists perform ____ in order to ____ a given exposed to a certain treatmentAn experimental group is a group of individuals thatis an untreated group of individuals or subjects.A control group~more hypotheses may be developed. ~more questions may be asked. ~ a new biological principle could emerge. ~an entire theory may be modified or discarded.As a result of experimentation,lifeBiology is the study ofspace.All of the following elements are enclosed in the biosphere EXCEPTuniformity of size and formWhich of the following would NOT be characteristic of living organisms?producers and decomposersWhich of the following do NOT depend directly on sunlight forThe DNA of bacteria is often enclosed within a nucleus.Which of the following statements is NOT correct about bacteria?eukaryotes are similar to prokaryotes at a structural level.All of the following statements are true about eukaryotes, EXCEPTanimaliaAll of the following are domains of life EXCEPThomeostasisA set of processes by which an organism keeps its internal conditions within tolerable ranges is calledreceptorsMolecule or structure that can respond to a form of stimulationtrueA process by which parents produce offspring is called reproduction.falseAn organism that obtains energy and carbon sources by feeding on other organisms is called a producertrueDeoxyribonucleic acid is the molecule that carries the hereditary information in an organism.