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Gospel of Luke and John

What is the symbol of Luke?
an ox
Who wrote the Gospel of Luke?
unknown, but we attribute it to Luke
Who was the intended audience of the Gospel of Luke?
Gentile Christians
When was the Gospel of Luke written?
85 C.E.
What are the sources of Luke?
- Mark and Matthew
- Q source
- special traditions
-L source (unique source)
What are some literary devices that Luke used?
- parables
- foreshadowing
- Fulfillment citations
- Miracle stories
- themes
What are the four types of miracles?
- physical healing
- exorcism
- power over nature
- restoration of life
What was required in order for Jesus to preform a miracle?
someone had to have faith
What are the themes of Luke?
- merciful, compassionate, forgiving Jesus
- Role of the Holy Spirit
- Importance of Prayer
- Jesus' concern for women (he treats women equally)
- The need for repentence
Where is the one place Jesus could not preform miracles?
What was the purpose of miracles?
to point to the existence of God
What are the divisions of Luke?
Where was Luke written?
Luke is a ______ volume. ______ is the second volume.
two-part; Acts of the Apostles
What is the Gospel of Luke about?
it is about the biblical history of God's dealings with humanity which shows that God's promises have been fulfilled in Jesus and extended to all
What is Luke's Gospel?
It is a salvation history--God's divine plan for human salvation accomplished through Jesus
What does Luke shift away from?
shifts from an immenent expectation of "parousia" to a "be prepared it will happen, but not as soon as we thought"
What does Luke argue?
- that christianity is the logical developement and proper fulfillment of Judaism and should be tolerated by Rome
-Chrisitianity is capable of meeting the spiritual needs of an empire like Rome
What does Theophilus mean?
it means "lover of God"
What stories show loss and forgiveness in Luke?
- The Parable of the Lost Sheep
- The Parable of the Lost Coin
- The Parable of the Prodigal Son
Luke is the ______ of all the writers.
Who wrote the Gospel of John?
unknown, but attributed to John
When was the Gospel of John written?
95 C.E.
Who is the intended audience of John?
What is the symbol for the Gospel of John?
an eagle
What are some of the literary devices used in John?
- high christology (the highest)
- 7 signs
- "I am statements"
- Discources
What are some examples of an "I am statement"?
- "I am the bread of life"
- "I am the good shepherd"
- "I am the way, the truth, the life"
- "I am the light"
- "I am the living bread"/ "I am the bread of life"
- "I am the vine and you are the branches"
- "I am the gate"
Where was the Gospel of John written?
What are the sources of the Gospel of John?
- synoptic gospels
- Q source
- unique sources (had a lot of unique materials)
How many divisions are there in the Gospel of John?
What are the divisions in the Gospel of John?
- Prologue
- Book of Signs
- Book of Glory
- Epilogue
What is the Gospel of John often compared to?
a piece of classical music
The Gospel of John is highly _____ and _______
literal; symbolic
What are the themes in John?
Jesus as the preexistent and incarnate Word of God who has revealed the father to us
What are the 7 signs of John?
- The Wedding Feast at Cana
- The cure of the royal official's son
- Cure of the paralytic at the pool with five porticoes
- multiplication of loaves
- walking on the waters of Galilea
- Sign of the young man born blind
- The raising of Lazarus
Which is the highest sign?
the raising of Lazarus
What is John's Gospel?
it is a progressive revelation of the glory of God's only son, who comes to reveal the father and returns in glory to the father
What is the paraclete?
the Holy Spirit
What does Logos mean?
it is a Greek word for "word" (another name for Jesus)