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  1. Ueland
  2. Gustav V
  3. Branting
  4. The Telegram Crisis
  5. Nasjonal Samling
  1. a first socialist goverment prime minister of Sweden who argued for reform, and regulated consumption of alcohol through taxing and monopoly instead of prohibition
  2. b the last swedish king to intervene with swedish politics, was evicted from his political role, remains that way in Sweden today
  3. c -reached boiling point in December 1942
    -Hitler sent to king of Denmark conventional birthday greetings
    -King Christian X replies with "My best thanks"
    -Sent Hitler into a rage
    -in 1943 Germans assumed direct rule
  4. d Norwegian political leader, popularized politics, member of the Norwegian Parliament, support of the farmers
  5. e Norwegian Nazi Party

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  1. advocated "Norwegianization" of Danish (bokmal)
  2. King Haakon VII of Norway: first king of Norway
  3. Norwegian prime minister, was impeached. Succeeded by Sverdrup
  4. gave Holstein and Slesvig back to Denmark
  5. Swedish chemist, invented dynamite, established and funded the Nobel Prizes

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  1. Marcus ThraneGlucksvurg, King of Denmark during both world wars, forced Zahle


  2. von HerderGerman philosopher, theologian, poet


  3. Edvard Munchfirst Norwegian prime minister after introduction of parliamentarism


  4. Brandes and Ibsenwriters of the Socialist Revolution


  5. Aasencollected Norwegian dialect info and published a grammar based on his research (nynorsk today)


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