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  1. Treaty of Vienna
  2. Sun Cross
  3. Nasjonal Samling
  4. Sverdrup
  5. Zahle
  1. a Norwegian Nazi Party
  2. b first Norwegian prime minister after introduction of parliamentarism
  3. c Norwegian Swastika
  4. d Danish lawyer and politician; prime minister of Denmark 1909-1910
  5. e took Slesvig and Holstein away from Denmark and gave them to Austria and Prussia

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  1. Leader of Nasjonal Samling (Norwegian Nazi party) and believed that Nazism was the best way to oppose communism
  2. Norwegian explorer, scientist, helped with postwar efforts, League of Nations
  3. poet of Danish identity (danish poetry in danish), playwright
  4. transfer of power from monarch to parliament.
  5. poet of Danish identity and awakening figure

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  1. Brandes and IbsenNorwegian explorer, scientist, helped with postwar efforts, League of Nations


  2. Knud Knudsenadvocated "Norwegianization" of Danish (bokmal)


  3. UelandNorwegian political leader, popularized politics, member of the Norwegian Parliament, support of the farmers


  4. Karlstad Conventionsdissolved union between Sweden and Norway


  5. Søren Laabækradical Norwegian socialist leader, very communist.


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