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  1. Stauning
  2. Christian Michelsen
  3. NARVIK!
  4. Zahle
  5. Brandes and Ibsen
  1. a northern Norwegian port. Exploited by Sweden and England
  2. b writers of the Socialist Revolution
  3. c was the first social democratic Prime Minister of Denmark
  4. d catalyst, formed coalition government--> became prime minister. Strongly linked to dissolution of union between Norway and Sweden. First prime minister after dissolution.
  5. e Danish lawyer and politician; prime minister of Denmark 1909-1910

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  1. Leader of Nasjonal Samling (Norwegian Nazi party) and believed that Nazism was the best way to oppose communism
  2. first socialist goverment prime minister of Sweden who argued for reform, and regulated consumption of alcohol through taxing and monopoly instead of prohibition
  3. organized Farmers' friends in 1860's (Norway)
  4. the last swedish king to intervene with swedish politics, was evicted from his political role, remains that way in Sweden today
  5. poet of Danish identity and awakening figure

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  1. Tranmælradical Norwegian socialist leader, very communist.


  2. Parliamentarianismtransfer of power from monarch to parliament.


  3. Knud Knudsenadvocated "Norwegianization" of Danish (bokmal)


  4. Phoney warGerman philosopher, theologian, poet


  5. Alfred NobelSwedish chemist, invented dynamite, established and funded the Nobel Prizes