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  1. Sun Cross
  2. Selmer
  3. Gustav V
  4. Sverdrup
  5. Christian X
  1. a Glucksvurg, King of Denmark during both world wars, forced Zahle
  2. b Norwegian prime minister, was impeached. Succeeded by Sverdrup
  3. c Norwegian Swastika
  4. d first Norwegian prime minister after introduction of parliamentarism
  5. e the last swedish king to intervene with swedish politics, was evicted from his political role, remains that way in Sweden today

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  1. German nationalist, founding figure of german philosophy
  2. Leader of Nasjonal Samling (Norwegian Nazi party) and believed that Nazism was the best way to oppose communism
  3. catalyst, formed coalition government--> became prime minister. Strongly linked to dissolution of union between Norway and Sweden. First prime minister after dissolution.
  4. person who is appointed by the King to a higher position in government service (wealthy people, landowners)
  5. collected Norwegian dialect info and published a grammar based on his research (nynorsk today)

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  1. Søren Laabækorganized Farmers' friends in 1860's (Norway)


  2. Tranmælradical Norwegian socialist leader, very communist.


  3. Stauningwas the first social democratic Prime Minister of Denmark


  4. Brandes and IbsenNorwegian explorer, scientist, helped with postwar efforts, League of Nations


  5. Weserubungwas the first social democratic Prime Minister of Denmark