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ALH150 Review

The Medisoft program provides the option of displaying accounts receivable totals at the end of the day sheet report.
Medisoft comes with custom reports that have already been created.
A patient day sheet lists the total number of patients and procedures for a given day.
Day sheets may only be created for a single day.
Day sheet reports can be created for a single provider.
The "date from range" boxes in the patient day sheet data selection dialog box is used to enter the dates on which the transactions were entered in Medisoft.
A patient day sheet report can be filtered by all of the following except. * Date, Attending provider, Dollar Amount or Billing Code
Dollar amount
What is not a category on the patient aging applied payment report. *31-60, 61-90 , 91+ or 91-120
Which report list the financial activity in a patient's account.
Patient Ledger
On a procedure day sheet report, procedures are listed in what order?
Collections may be required for overdue patients and insurance accounts.
The amount of a finance charge added to a patient account must comply with federal and state laws.
A tracer report is created to identify overdue patient accounts in Medisoft.
The account alert abbreviation "IC" stands for In Collections
In Medisoft, overdue accounts are added to the _______, which tracks collection related activities.
Collection List
The ______ field in the tickler tab specifies the actions that will be taken on the overdue account.
Action required
Options in the status field for ticklers are Open, Resolved, and ______.
A report used to keep track accounts in collections is
Collection Tracer Report
The Collection List is accessed via the ________menu in Medisoft.
The account alerts are displayed in the Transaction Entry, Quick Ledger, and ________ dialog boxes.
Appointment Entry
The Office Hours program can be started and run without opening Medisoft.
Appointment schedules can be printed from the Preview Report window.
The "Go to a Date" feature is used to locate an appointment a specified distance in the future, such as three weeks from today.
In Office Hours, breaks can be created for a single physician or for all physicians
The particular case for which the patient is requesting an appointment can be selected in the "New Appointment Entry" dialog box.
Which of the following is not a button in the "Patient Recall List" dialog box. *Edit, Sort by, Search or Chart.
Which option in the "New Break Entry" dialog box lists the types of breaks already created in Medisoft?
In Office Hours, the default length of time for an appointment is?
15 Minutes
In Office Hours, the "Go to a Date" shortcut button displays options for searching for an appointment a number of days, weeks, months, and _______ in the future.
The options in the "Status" box within the "Patient Recall List" dialog box include Call, Call Again, Appointment Set, and_______.
No Appointment
In Medisoft more than one active case can be open.
False, only 1 case can be open.
You need prior authorization for services within the condition tab of a case folder.
False, you do not need prior auth for the conditions tabs
If you are in Medisoft program the case number cannot be changed.
True, you can not change the case number
How many tabs are in the case folder?
Eleven tabs
What is the quickest way to create a new case for an existing patient?
Copy case using button located at the bottom of the list.
Where do you find the referring provider list?
List, then select referring provider
How many diagnosis codes can be entered in Medisoft and on the CMS1500?
Outside labs are entered in what tab of the case folder?
What does the abbrevation TOS stand for?
Type of Service
Where do you enter information regarding an auto accident in the case folder?
Conditions Tab
What is the name of the folder that contains all the patients information?
Patients Chart
What is the place of service code for physician office visit?
What does SOAP stand for and what is it used for?
Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan and it is used for the progress note
How do you add a CPT code that is not in the system?
F8 or New button
How do you create a multilink code?
Use the Multilink button on the transaction entry screen and select the correct diagnosis.
Medisoft automatically enters the date in the date field.
True, the date is automatically entered.
In the transaction entry dialog we find the guarantor on the patient's account.
True, the guarantor can be found by clicking the drop down arrow.
This is a condition that must be included in a selection is called?
The appropriate case must be selected before a transaction is entered.
True, the case must be selected.
In the claim status, "list only" what is not an option?
New claim can be created in Medisoft.
True, new claims can be created in Medisoft.
To edit claims go to the carrier one tab in claims dialog box.
False, claims are not edited in the carrier 1 tab.
Medisoft automatically supplies payments for each transaction charge. (pays the bill)
False, the patient pays.
A zero on the unapplied amount box means a payment has not been applied.
False, the dollar amount is shown.
Payments can be applied to more than one charge.
True, payment can be applied to more than one charge.
A dollor sign is automatically entered in the transaction box.
True, the dollar sign is automatically entered.
In the applied payment, charges dialog box what information is showed regarding charges for a patient?
Unpaid Charges
This billing system created statements that are staggered?
Cycle Billing
What is the standard transaction format for electronic claims in health care?
When entering a dollar amount in Medisoft it is necessary to enter a decimal point.
False, you do not need to enter the decimal.
Payments applied in the deposit dialog box include cash, credit card, check or ATM/Debit cards are entered as what type of payment method.
In the charges section of the transaction entry dialog box, procedural charges are entered.
True, procedure are entered.
Total amount owed on a patients account is listed in the transaction entry dialog box.
True, in the top right hand corner.
Aging Report
A report that lists the amount of money owed to the practice, organized by the length of time the money has been owed.
collection agency
an outside firm hired to collect on delinquent accounts
collection list
a tool for tracking activities that need to be completed as part of the collection process
collection tracer report
a tool for tracking collection letters that were sent
Day Sheet
A report that provides information on practice activities for a twenty-four-hour period
insurance aging
a report that lists how long a payer has taken to respond to insurance claims
Office Hours Break
a block of time when a physician is unavailable for appointments with patients.
Office Hours Calendar
an interactive calendar that is used to select or change dates in office hours
office hours patient information
the area of the office hours window that displays information about the patient who is selected in the providers schedule
patient aging
a report that lists a patients balance by age, the date and amount of the last payment, and the telephone number.
patient day
a summary of the patient activity on a given day
patient ledger
a report that lists the financial activity in each patients account including charges payments, and adjustments
payment day
a report that lists payments received on a given day, organized by provider
payment plan
an agreement between a patient and a practice in which the patient agrees to make regular monthly payments over a specified period of time
practice analysis
a report that analyzes the revenue of a practice for a specified period of time, usually a month or a year
procedure day sheet
a report that lists the procedures performed on a given day, listed in numerical order.
prompt payment laws
legislation that mandates a time period within which clean claims must be paid; if they are not, financial penalties are levied against the payer
provider selection box
a selection box that determines which providers schedule is displayed in the providers daily schedule
provider's daily schedule
a list of time slots for a particular day for a specific provider that corresponds to the date
selection boxes
fields within the search dialog box that are used to filter the data that will appear in a report
a reminder to follow up on an account
uncollectible accounts
an account that does not respond to collection efforts and is written off the practices expected accounts receivable
a balance that is removed from a patients account