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  1. What policy did the British follow in India?
  2. Phase 5 US migration
  3. altitudinal zonation
  4. cultural nationalism
  5. urban realms
  1. a encouraged the abolishment of the caste system
  2. b the division of land into zones based on elevation, which in turn helps determine climate and vegetation
  3. c Latin America & Asia
  4. d Areas functioning separately in certain ways but are still linked together in a greater metropolitan sphere.
  5. e pride in one's own culture

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  1. refers to the evolution of a nation's labor force from one highly dependent on the primary sector to one with more employment in the secondary, tertiary, and quaternary sectors
  2. northern hemisphere
  3. religion blending elements from various religions
  4. regions that share a government, culture, and language that are independent of other states...relatively rare
  5. the huge gap between gross receipts and the total tourist dollars that remain in the Caribbean

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  1. Which Caribbean country was the site of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion?encouraged the abolishment of the caste system


  2. rural to urban migrationCanada & Latin America


  3. counterurbanizationA religion that attempts to appeal to all people not just those living in a particular location


  4. Which Caribbean island has an active volcano?Montserrat


  5. MaquiladorasFactories built by US companies in Mexico near the US border to take advantage of much lower labor costs in Mexico.