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  1. fair trade
  2. transnational firms
  3. GNI measures...
  4. Phase 3 US migration
  5. primary sector
  1. a the value of final goods and services plus the net income from abroad
  2. b 1870-1920, Southern and Eastern Europe
  3. c products are made and traded according to standards that protect workers and small businesses in LDCs
  4. d global businesses that affect the environment in ways such as it limits natural resources
  5. e The portion of the economy concerned with the direct extraction of materials from Earth's surface, generally through agriculture, although sometimes by mining, fishing, and forestry.

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  1. type of temporary migration;associated with agricultural work
  2. a region in which several large cities and surrounding areas grow together
  3. about 5,000 miles long
  4. the geographic description and explanation of spatial differences on Earth's surface; this includes physical as well as human patterns
  5. northern hemisphere

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  1. DecolonializationThe trend toward increased cultural and economic connectedness between people, businesses, and organizations throughout the world


  2. Transnationalismglobal businesses that affect the environment in ways such as it limits natural resources


  3. el ninoaffiliation or identity within a group of people bound by common ancestry and culture


  4. NeoliberalismA strategy for economic development that calls for free markets, balanced budgets, privatization, free trade, and minimal government intervention in the economy.


  5. Which Caribbean island has an active volcano?Montserrat