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  1. regions
  2. altitudinal zonation
  3. universalizing
  4. Creolization
  5. Indentured Labor
  1. a labor under contract to an employer for a fixed period of time, typically three to seven years, in exchange for their transportation, food, clothing, lodging and other necessities
  2. b in a linguistic context, the process describing the convergence of two or more languages, forming a separate, new language
  3. c A religion that attempts to appeal to all people not just those living in a particular location
  4. d areas that share common characteristics
  5. e the division of land into zones based on elevation, which in turn helps determine climate and vegetation

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  1. products are made and traded according to standards that protect workers and small businesses in LDCs
  2. A disturbance of wind patterns and ocean currents in the Pacific Ocean that causes temporary climate changes in many parts of the world.
  3. Factories built by US companies in Mexico near the US border to take advantage of much lower labor costs in Mexico.
  4. regions that share a government, culture, and language that are independent of other states...relatively rare
  5. small, enclosed properties of a half acre or less include a number of dwellings, small livestock, fruit trees, herb gardens, and a protected play and work space

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  1. cultural landscapea vast treeless plain in the arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line


  2. Regional Trade BlocksTreaty between Spain and Portugal dividing newly discovered lands between them (1494)


  3. secondary sectorThe portion of the economy concerned with manufacturing useful products through processing, transforming, and assembling raw materials.


  4. Deforestation in the Amazon has decreased due toCuba


  5. Greater and Lesser AntillesTreaty between Spain and Portugal dividing newly discovered lands between them (1494)