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Similac Pro-Advance
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Similac SensitiveWIC eligible -NO 2FL HMO -for infants with fussiness, gad and mild spit upSimilac IsomilSoy nutrients for infants with lactose intolerance -lactose free nutritionSimilac for Spit-upadded rice formula for frequent spit-upSimilac Sever Tolerance FormulasFor infants with sever, extensive intolerance with food and allergies*Similac Alimentum*Extensively hydrolyzed protein for food allergies and collic -main formula I will focus on when making callsSimilac EleCareHypoallergenic amino acid-based formula for infants who cannot tolerate intact or hydrolyzed proteinToddler BrandsGo & Grow Non-GMO with 2FL HMO Go & Grow Non-GMO Pure Bliss Similac LamehardinPediaSureFor underweight children -children that need nutrient assistance -picky eaters -ADHD med children (loss of apatite)PediaSure DrinksGrown & Gain Grow & Gain with Fiber PediaSure Sidekicks -made with extra protein Grow & Gain Shake Mix (powder form) PediaSure Organic -west coast mainlyPediaSure Flavors**Cinnamon(New, still not approved) Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate Banana Mixed BerriesPedialytefor dehydration