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George H.W. Bush
President of the United States following Ronald Reagan.
Rodney King
His beating at the hands of the LAPD was caught on video. Acquittal of the officers involved led to racial riots in the early 1990s.
Manuel Noriega
Panamanian dictator who was found guilty of drug trafficking in a Floridian court.
Saddam Hussein
Dictator of Iraq.
Tiananmen Square
A pro-democracy protest in this location was cut short by an attack by the Chinese government.
Bill Clinton
President who advocated economic and healthcare reform; second president to be impeached.
Clinton-era real estate scandal.
H. Ross Perot
Third party candidate for the presidency in 1992. Split the Republican vote.
entitlement programs
Programs such as Social Security, unemployment insurance, or disability payments that provide benefits to all eligible citizens.
Agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that eliminates trade barriers.
ethnic cleansing
A "soft" term for genocide.
Newt Gingrich
Speaker of the House in the mid-1990s. Responsible for the "Contract with America."