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Final Exam 2011 Northside

Delayed Gratification

Voluntarily postponing an immediate reward in order to finish a task before enjoying a reward.

Good Character

A person who uses self-control to act on responsible values.

Positive self-esteem

A person's belief that he or she is worthy and deserves respect.


Degree to which one regulates his or her own behavior.


A person's positive or negative belief about his or her worth.


High regard for oneself.


Standard or belief, such as compassion, good citizenship, and respect.


A compelling desire to use a drug or to engage in a certain behavior, continued use despite negative consequences, and loss of control.


Feeling or emotion toward something or someone.


A problem in which people neglect themselves to care for, control, or try to "fix" someone else.

Mental Disorder

Behavioral or psychological syndrome or pattern that occurs in an individual and that is associated with distress or disability or with significantly increased risk of suffering, death, pain, disability, or an important loss of freedom.


An individual's unique pattern of characteristic that makes him or her different from others.


Return to a previous behavior.

Support group

Groups of people who help one another recover from a particular disease, and addication.

Cognitive disorder


Anxiety disorder


Fours things that influence personality

1.Focus energy
2.Gather information
3.Make decisions
4.Get work done


A specific feeling, such as anger, happiness, or anxiety.

General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)

Series of body changes resulting from stress-- the alarm, resistance, and exhaustion stages.


A chronic state of anger.

Psychosomatic disease

Physical illness or disorder caused or worsened by emotional states.


Chemical involved in controlling states of consciousness and mood.


Response of the body to daily living demands.

Anticipatory grief

Grief felt before a loss.


Drug used to relieve depression.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Talk therapy that can help modify behavior.


Ability to share others' emotions or feelings.


Deep emotional distress caused by a loss.


To view yourself as incapable of being harmed.

Life crisis

Event or experience that causes a high stress level.


Feeling that occurs when something changes or ends or someone dies.

Major depression

Mood disorder with long-lasting feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, or sadness.

Minor depression

Mood disorder with mild feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, or sadness that may go away or become chronic.


Suicide attempt in which the person does not intend to die.


Ability to adjust, recover, bounce back, and learn from hard times.

Five stages of loss and grief on order

2.Being angry
4.Being depressed

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