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poetry vocabulary words


the repetition of consonant sounds, most often at the beginning of words


the type of reader for whom a literary work is intended


the similarity between two things


the difference between two things

concrete poem

a poem shaped to look like its subject

end-stopped line

in poetry a line in which a pause occurs naturally at the end of a line

run-on line

a line in poetry in which the meaning continues beyond the line

figurative language

imaginative language used for descriptive effect and not meant to be taken as the literal truth


a figure of speech that uses the words LIKE or AS to directly compare two seemingly unlike things (her hair was like moldy hay)


a figure of speech that compares or equates two basically different things (ribbon of highway)


a picture or likeness that is created with words


language that appeals to the senses


a humorous five line poem that follows a specific form: 3 long lines (1,2,5) and 2 short lines (3,4) that rhyme


a three line poem usually on the subject of nature with five syllables each in lines 1 and 3 and seven syllables in line 2.

lyric poem

a poem that expresses a personal thought or emotion most lyric poems are short and present vivid images

narrative poem

a poem that tells a story


the use of a word or phrase that imitates or suggests the sound of what it describes


imaginative writing in which language, images, sound, and rhythm combine to create a special effect


the repeated use of sounds, words, phrases, or lines used to emphasize an idea


in some songs and poems a line or group of lines repeated at regular intervals


a repetition of the same or similar sounds in words that appear near each other in a poem


a group of lines forming a unit in a poem


a five line poem using nouns, adjectives, and verbs

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