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  1. Collateral
  2. Corporation
  3. Bull Market
  4. Speculation
  5. Preferred stock
  1. a The DOW is up and the stock market is strong. People are confident and are willing to invest
  2. b Guessing the price of stock prices
  3. c Stocks that guarantee that stockholders will get dividends
  4. d A business owned by a group of investors.
    -20% of today's businesses are corporations & they are the largest type of business
    -Corporations are treated as a legal entitty and must get a charter from the state in order to be incorporated
  5. e Something of value that a borrower gives a lender as a guarantee that the loan will be repaid.

    Example: House or car

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  1. It must be easy to break money into smaller units
  2. A business owned by 2 or more people.
    -10% of today's businesses are partnerships
    -There are 2 types of partnerships
    1) General partnerships - each partner makes decisions and is legally responsible
    2) Limited partnerships - some partner does not make decisions and is not legally responsible

    Partnerships used to be sole proprietorships
  3. Government has total power over people
  4. Not true money! This is a way to store value and increase your wealth. Money in a savings account collects interest!
  5. Another word for stocks and bonds

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  1. LiableCoins and paper money. It is also called currency. This is fiat money and is the most commonly used form of money


  2. Bear MarketThe DOW is up and the stock market is strong. People are confident and are willing to invest


  3. Money must be HARD TO COUNTERFEITMoney must last a long time


  4. Commodity MoneyThe object used for money is valuable in itself

    Examples: Gold, Diamonds


  5. Money must be DURABLEMoney must be easy to carry around