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  1. Liable
  2. Bond
  3. Shareholder / Stockholder
  4. Stock certificate
  5. Money has 3 jobs:
    1) Money is a standard value
  1. a People who buy stock
  2. b A certificate promising to repay borrowed money with interest
    -There are 2 types of bonds - corporate and municipal/government bonds
    *Bonds are a safer investment than stocks
  3. c People use money to measure the value of something
  4. d Legally responsible for something

    Business owners are liable for their business
  5. e A certificate that a stockholder gets that shows the number of shares in a company that person owns

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  1. A business owned by 1 person.
    -70% of today's businesses are sole proprietorships, but they only make about 10% sales in today's economy
    -Examples: small retail stores, doctor's office
  2. The object used for money stands for something else that has value

    Examples: Checks
  3. The object used for money is valuable because the government says so

    Example: Cash
  4. The father of economics
    He explained the ideas of capitalism/market economy
  5. Money is an object people use to buy goods and services. Instead of trading goods and services directly for other goods and services, we trade goods and services for money

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  1. StockShares of ownership in a corporation


  2. CharterA license to become a corporation


  3. Economic SystemStocks that allow stocksholders to make company decisions


  4. Karl MarxThe DOW is up and the stock market is strong. People are confident and are willing to invest


  5. Bull MarketThe DOW is up and the stock market is strong. People are confident and are willing to invest