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  1. Karl Marx
  2. Stock certificate
  3. Adam Smith
  4. Bear Market
  5. Command Economy
  1. a Also called communism
    Economic decisions are made by a central authority (like a king, powerful political party, or dictator). The government owns and controls all land and capital goods & decides what is produced, how its produced, and how much will be produced
  2. b The father of economics
    He explained the ideas of capitalism/market economy
  3. c A certificate that a stockholder gets that shows the number of shares in a company that person owns
  4. d The DOW is down which signals that the stock market is weak
  5. e Father of Communism
    Wanted a command economy that would favor workers, not rulers. All property would be jointly owned by all people. Everyone would be equal in power, wealth, and rights.

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  1. Money used to start a business
  2. Checks represent money in a checking account that is stored at the bank. This type of money is representative
  3. People use money to measure the value of something
  4. It must be hard to make fake money and money also should be easy for people to recognize
  5. A business owned by a group of investors.
    -20% of today's businesses are corporations & they are the largest type of business
    -Corporations are treated as a legal entitty and must get a charter from the state in order to be incorporated

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  1. Bull MarketThe DOW is up and the stock market is strong. People are confident and are willing to invest


  2. Money must be DIVISIBLEMoney must last a long time


  3. Fiat MoneyLegally responsible for something

    Business owners are liable for their business


  4. Mutual FundA pool (group) of money from investors that is used to buy stocks and bonds


  5. Economic SystemStocks that allow stocksholders to make company decisions