Mind and thought

31 terms by DaDriver

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Cogitatio, -onis, f.

thought, meditation

Opinio, -onis, f.

opinion, belief

Opinio Dei

belief in God

Credo, 3, -didi, -ditum

confide in, believe


it is well known


by no means

Certus, -a, -um

fixed, sure

Certo scire

know for a fact

Cognosco, 3, -gnovi, -gnitum

get to know, investigate

Cognitio, -onis, f.

study, knowledge

Ingenium acuere

sharpen one's will

Suo, iudicio uti

follow one's convictions

Sapientia, -ae

discernment, intelligence

Persuadeo, 2, -asi, -asum

convince, induce


thus far

Ignarus, -a, -um

ignorant, unaware

Nescius, -a, -um


Crassus, -a, -um

thick, dull

Dubius, -a, -um


Dubitatio, -onis, f.


Fingo, 3, finxi, fictum

form, imagine

Mihi in mentem venit

it occurs to me

Consilium, -ii


Consilium capere

form a plan

De industria


Prudentia, -ae

knowledge, common sense

Memor, -oris


Memoria, -ae


Obliviscor, 3, -litus


Reminiscor, 3


Recordor, 1

call to mind

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