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Commander in the Macedonian army at 16 and a king at 20.


A traditional story about gods and heroes.

Hellenistic Era

A time when Greek culture spread throughout the non-Greek world.

Mount Olympus

Highest mountain in Greece.


Greece's northern neighbor


Taught that absolute right and wrong did exist; asked pointed questions to force his pupils to think for themselves.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


Chief god of the Greeks


"the father of history"


Dramatist who questioned traditional thinking about war.


Written language developed by the Aryans in ancient India.

Indus River Valley

India's first settlements were here.


A peaceful people who farmed and traded with their neighbors.

the Buddha

Means "Enlightened One"
Siddhartha Gautama was named this.


One of the oldest religions in the world, and today the 3rd largest.


Highest mountain in the world.


Meaning "divine law" It directs Hindus to do the duty of their caste.


First great Buddhist king; dedicated his life to peace


China's first great thinker who taught that if each person does his or her duty, society as a whole will do well.

Oracle Bones

First examples of written Chinese language.


A cold, rocky desert east of the Kunlun Shan and Tian Shan Mountains.

Han Wudi

Chinese Emperor who wanted the best minds to work in government.

Huang He Valley

Site of the first Chinese civilizations.


Taught that people needed harsh laws and punishment to make them live right.

Great Wall

Qin built this and extended it to keep out the Xiongnu.

filial piety

Practice that requires children to respect their parents and older relatives.

Silk Road

A network of trade routes that extended from China to southwest Asia.

Qin Shihuangdi

Cruel leader who made changes to China's government that would last for 2,000 years; unified China; China is named for him

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