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  1. profuse
  2. meticulous
  3. pedantic
  4. fervent
  5. pirate
  1. a to illegally use or reproduce
  2. b given or coming forth abundantly; extravagant
  3. c characterized by extreme care and precision; attentive to detail
  4. d overly concerned with the trivial details of learning or education; show-offish about one's knowledge
  5. e greatly emotional or zealous

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  1. to disguise or conceal; to mislead
  2. to provide support or reinforcement
  3. the essential or central part
  4. to invalidate; to repeal; to retract
  5. keen, accurate judgment or insight

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  1. succinctbrief; concise


  2. malevolentgreatly emotional or zealous


  3. proliferateto grow or increase swiftly and abundantly


  4. diatribeto illegally use or reproduce


  5. imperturbablecapable of being shaped or formed; tractable; pliable