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  1. repudiate
  2. pine
  3. aver
  4. succinct
  5. pith
  1. a to yearn intensely; to languish; to lose vigor
  2. b to refuse to have anything to do with; disown
  3. c to state as a fact; to declare or assert
  4. d the essential or central part
  5. e brief; concise

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  1. seeming true, but actually being fallacious; misleadingly attractive; plausible but false
  2. an overabundant supply; excess; to feed or supply to excess
  3. fleeting; passing quickly; brief
  4. to provide support or reinforcement
  5. the art or study of effective use of language for communication and persuasion

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  1. meticulouscharacterized by extreme care and precision; attentive to detail


  2. pervasiverelevant to the subject at hand; appropriate in subject matter


  3. inchoateto make or become less severe or intense; to moderate


  4. fortuitoushappening by accident or chance


  5. occludeto obstruct or block


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