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Bio final review

Aquatic plants that lived in ancient oceans lacked vascular tissue with out vascular tissue, how did these plants transport nutrients?
They were able to adsorb water and nutrients by diffusion and osmosis
Which tissues contains trachieids, vessel elements,companion cells, & sieve tube members?
vascular tissue
You bite into an orange & are surprised to find several small, hard objects inside. Curiosity drives you to examine one of them under the microscope. After you break them open, what should you expect?
A plant embryo
The development of roots helped...
anchor the plants, absorb water and nutrients, contain tissues that transport water & nutrients to the stem.
Which plant division could include plants that reproduce by spore production.(there may be others)
What is composed of a diploid cell? (there may be others)
Which plant division probably evolved first?
When a flower is perfect it has...
a pistil and a stamen
What characteristics are found in both vascular and non-vascular plants?
cell walls containing cellulose, alternation of generations, and chlorophyll used for photosynthesis.
What is the intermediate stage called between a spore and a gamete in Bryophyta?
How do deciduous trees survive without leaves?
They become dormant and metabolism slows.
What is th reason plants produce fruits?
Fruits are a mechanism for seed dispersal
What are consider both vascular and non-vascular seed plants ?
Plants are capable of asexual reproduction also known as_______
vegetative reproduction
Where does the process of double fertilization occur in flowering plants?
if a plants flowers are very colorful and produce nectar, the plant is probably pollinated by____
Non-vascular plants are only the plant divisions which the gameophyte stages are_____
An anthophyte differs from a coniferophyta in that...
Its seeds are enclosed in fruit
what helps nourish a plant embryo once it has begun germinating?
Can cork cambium be found in a leaf?
Large surface area's of leaves enhances their ability to__?
Parallel veins in a leaf would indicate that the plant is a ___.
The loss of water through a plants leaves is known as__
The veins of a leaf contain the_____.
vascular tissue
Where does most of the photosynthesis take place?
in the palisade mesophyll
Fruit develops from the ________.
Cells in the meristem that can help a root grow longer are located where?
just behind the root cap
Do parenchyma cells have thick, ridged cell walls?
the epidermis of a plant functions much like the __ of an animal.
what plant hormone is produced in the apical meristem and helps in cell division of the plant?
what factor controls photoperiodism in flowering plants?
darkness length
when a male sea lion patrols an area where female sea lions rest he is displaying ...
territorial behavior
when a bird sings to signal others of the same species to keep away, it is showing signs of ___