P, D, &Ss ch.3

What is the primary way that water extinguishes fire?
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Elevated tanks are an example of:gravity system.Private water supply systems MOST commonly receive water from:a municipal water supply system.Why must care be taken to prevent a private water source from entering the municipal water system?Private water sources may not be potable.Fire hydrant supply mains should be at least: a. 2 inches in diameter. b. 4 inches in diameter. c. 6 inches in diameter. d. 10 inches in diameter.6 inches in diameter.An indicating valve that has a yoke on the outside of the valve with a threaded stem that opens or closes the gate inside the valve is a(n):outside stem and yoke valve.An indicating valve that is a hollow metal post that is attached to the valve housing is a(n):post indicator valve.Which of the following statements about dry-barrel hydrants is MOST accurate?There is no water inside the hydrant until it is turned on.Which of the following statements about wet-barrel hydrants is MOST accurate?There is water inside the hydrant at all times.How often should fire hydrants be flushed?every year.The spacing of fire hydrants is ultimately determined by the:Authority having jurisdiction. (AHJ)