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English Exam 2

Traditional Romance literature comes from what historical period?
How did the "Pride and prejudice" Romance literature define itself as opposed to the economically defined marriage relationship?
Women classified as property or being worshiped
marrying to higher yourself in class
P&P is a marriage novel and love and marriage are compatible, in what way does it still represent the relationship in terms of conflict?
The conflict of asteem to pride inferiority and superiority
Women classified as property or being worshiped
marrying to higher yourself in class
what sense does "Taking turns" resolve the conflict of the novel? P&P
The characters take turns being the superior in the novel. You always want to be the superior of marry someone who is inferior.
How is Jane Austen's novel part of sentimental novels?
They use elements of the Sentimental indirectly
What culural and literary effect did this relaionship of sentimental produce? P&P
It wasn't truly sentimental, more polite, less vulgar
what effect does pairing of wickham and darcy have on the Darcy character?
Darcy takes on qualities of the good-bad boy
What effect foes the pairing of jane and elizabeth have on the elizabeth character
Elizabeth takes on qualities of the good girl
what is "Mercenary" motive adn in what sense is it no enough to establish Wickham as the villain?
Mercenary measn to marry for money.
Elizabeth's self is reconstructed when?
She has a new self when her pride is at stake. She thinks she is as good as Darcy, but her pride becomes deflate. She realizes she didn't know herself before by judging Darcy.
Where does Elizabeth seem to truly believe Darcy is superior?
"She hardly knew how to suppose that hse could be an object of admiration to so great a man; yet that he should look ather becasue he disliked her was more strange."
What word is used by both Darcy and Elizabeth to signify when humor expense had gone too far?
ridicule, you can cross the line at too much harsh disrespect
what traits does collins correctly identify in Elizabeth that will cause her to naturally respect a true superior?
wit and vivacity
In what way is Jane represented as the good girl?
Elizabeth believes Jane is always thinking good of everyone and never speak bad. Elizabeth sees Jane as perfect.
Where does Elizabeth seem to admit that love has a dark side in the sensethat it is inter-mixed with hate?
Chp. 26. Elizabeth gets stubbed by Wickham. Love and hate are intertwined
How is Lady Catherine's daughter described?
She is thin and sickly that suggests the decadent aristocracy theme
Where is the dark side of Mr. Benent expressed?
Mr. Bennet lets Lydia go to Brighton and he accepts that terrible things will happen
"Conjugal felicity"? how is it a problem for the protaggonist? P&P
conjugal felicity is happy marriage. Elizabeth has never seen conjugal felicity because her parents never showed it.
What line express the ocular metaphor where the power that it represents is flip-flopped? P&P
In Chp 43 she sees herself living at the Pemberly house. In the same chapter she sees the painting with the eyes looking back at her.
in what way is it expressed that Jane is standing in the place of the abducted heroine of the sentimental?
Jane feels more fore Lydia than Lydia feels for herself, she is said to be the one who was the abducted person.
What are the 3 narrative forms and their qualities?
epic=stories of heroes, gods, and monsters
romance=storeis of the larger than life heroes who are nevertheless human beings
novel=realistic stories
what is the name for the novel in most languages other than english?
Define picaresque
a rascal iving by its wits. (rogue or episodes)
Cervantes episodic narrative, a deluded man who thinks he is a knight on a quest?
Don Quixote
Richardson's novels are the first "psychological" novels with is a function of what narrative form?
The novel is a domestic readershiop made of whom?
women and servants
From traditional to modern novel, what aspect is highlighted as an object of experimentation?
The Narrator
what is the order of the novel from least to most modern criteria
Omniscient mnarrator, point of view narration, and stream of conciousness
Define secular religion
It is not said int eh Bible. THere is an appeareance of a goddess and a recovery of the feminine . The women is a mediator who saves the man.
What identifies the social context of the novel? P&P
Germanic, Bourgeois, Protestant
Define bourgeois
a socio-economic context. it is ambiguous in respect to class. The character is loking for a new culutural identity
The bourgeois novel contain two different attitudes with respect to class. What are they?
The Elitist(think they are better, focuss indicidual, not to entertain, print and literacy) is the working middle class and the anti-elitist(comic sensibitlity, for leisure) is the aristocracy
What are Richardson's two novels
Pamela and Clarissa
In what way domes the sentimental plot formula relate to class?P&P
The villian is the aristocracy who takes a bourgeois girl and experiences a change of heart from the mediator.
How did Richardson's sentimental end?
Happy with marriage, and tragic with the death of a heroine.
What way did the villain clearly distinguish the gothic from the sentimental?P&P
The gothis has the good and evil separated, the sentimental has the good and evil paired
Who are the 3 british gothic novelists?
Walpole, Radcliffe, Lewis
Aspect to the setting of the gothic novel
medeavil and meditteranean. The settings include dungeons, castles, in Italy or Spain
What element of the Gothic pertains to ancestral lineage?
The theme of the decaying Aristorcratic blood line.
Define catholic exotic
the gothic novels used Caholics in a postive nad negative way. Positively, the Catholic were curious. Negatively, the Catholics are bad. The Protestant saw the catholic religion creepy and unusual
Define verbal
A gerund, participle, and an infinitive. It is a verb acting as something else
what base form of the verb isused by the gerund
what part of speech does a participle function as?
which verbal can function as multiple parts of speech
how does ellen handle time in a modern way? what is the effect?
Past and present are fragmented. they jump back and forth. It is disorienting
what innotative thing does gibbons do with dialogue? what is the effect? ellen
There are no quotes and we aren't clear who the speaker is.
How would you say that Gibbons approaches language? ellen
What way would you say he story is like and unlike traditional approaches to narrative we have discussed? ellen
It jumps back and forth
what way would you say the story is like and unlike traditional approaches to character we have discussed? ellen
Not the good good girl. It doesn't fit those stereotypes. Tehy aren't eveloped.
How would you characterize the narrator's voice? "What kind of attitude and persepctive comes through that voice? ellen
Everything comes through Ellen's perspective. Ellen is blundt and sarcastic(tough).
subordinating conjunction
1st word of a dependent adverbial clause that modifies a verb
relative pronoun
1st word of dependent adjectival clause that modifies a noun
has a predicate and subject, but not always a complete sentence
the noun that precedes the pronoun
a verb used as another part of speech
a form of a verb that generally appears with the word 'to' and acts as a noun, adjective, or adverb
replaces a noun
, a noun formed from a verb (such as the '-ing' form of an English verb when used as a noun)
a verb form that is used as an adjective
modern lyric poem
-uses fragmented sentences
-image driven
-mood:declarative, imperative, interrogative
-communication: sender to receiver relation
-14 lines
-3 quatrains and a couplet
-abab rhyming scheme
-conent:metaphors are contradictions of the metaphor