unit 5 nomenclature

There are 3 major nomenclatures used with drugs
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what does the Physician Desk Reference (PDR) do?Crossed indexed to include Generic and Brand names of drugs Included full colored picture of each drug to help facilitate product identificationwhat does the Physician Desk Reference (PDR) contain?Contains a product information section that provides prescribing information such as Indications, Contraindications What the normal dosage would be Any adverse reactionsDrug Facts and Comparisons Book helps in what three ways?Comprehension drug information for both OTC and Prescription medication Can be used by the pharmacist to check for potential drug interactions and to answer an questions that the patient may have about the drug Most complete and objective listing of currently used medicationsthe dental drug reference is what two things for the dental office?Inexpensive and convenient book designed to use chairside in the dental office as a quick and concise drug or resourcewhat is the purpose of the dental drug reference?It's purpose is to assist the Dentist, Hygienist, and Dental assistant and the rapid identification of drugs that patients may be taking as they present in the dental officehow is the dental drug reference a friendly design?what does this provide?provides easy access to essential information on drugs patients commonly take and facilitate completion of the medical history reviewhow drugs presented in the dental drug reference book?presented alphabetically by generic name and is sync-ally ordered in standardized format with pertinent drug information for the dentist, hygienist or dental assistantwhere are the useful facts located in the dental drug reference book? what can u calculate?Useful facts table located on front inside cover and in the appendix about dosage calculationswhat information does the dental drug reference book provide regarding drugs? over how many prescriptions drugs are included in this book? what does it highlight?top 200 prescriptions drugs in the U.S focuses on drug interactions and clinical interest to dentistry and Highlights oral side effects for each drugEvery OTC or Prescription filled by a pharmacist includes ainsert or information sheetwhat Specific information is included on the OTC insert?How the drug will affect the body What condition the drug is being subscribed for Any adverse effects Long term effects Special precautions to follow when taking the drug Contraindications to taking the drug Dosage and route for the drug