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GV Wranglers Horse Bowl2009

At approximately over the 15th vertebra

Where is the center of motion?

They help pull the leg forward & enable propulsion.

What do gaskin muscles have to do with the horse's stride?

Coffin bone

What common name is given to the 3rd phalanx bone of the foot?


The periople corresponds to what part of a human nail?

Sensitive laminae

What is the name of the internal foot structure that serves as a means of attachment for the hoof wall & the coffin bone?

Helps absorb shock & helps circulation of the blood

What is the purpose of the digital cushion?


Which muscles help to pull the rear leg forward & enable propulsion, giving the horse a long, powerful stride?

The alveoli

Where in the horse's lungs does the gas exchange occur?


In the red blood cells, to what does the oxygen attach itself?

Respiratory frequency

What is another name for the respiration rate?

Tidal volume

What is the term for the total amount of inspired air?

Minute volume

What is the term for the amount of air inspired in one minute?

Arterial hypoxemia

What is the term for the situation in which the oxygen saturation of arterial blood leaving the lungs is lowered during intense exercise?

Weight of rider too far back

What lessens the horse's propelling power?

From the point of shoulder, bisecting the extension process of the coffin bone & hoof base

On the front limb, where is the center of gravity?

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