Gospels Final 2

20 terms by minhsterr

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Jesus of History and Christ of Faith are one and the same person understood and experienced in two different ways.


The Christian Scriptures are the foundation of all Catholic Christian teachings about Jesus.


The scriptural accounts about Jesus and the early church can be understood without considering their human authors' perspective and intent.


The Gospels are less concerned with the details of Jesus' history than his message.


The Old Testament is all about the covenant that God made through Jesus, with all people.


Because the Gospels were written by believers in the risen Jesus, they are unreliable sources of information about Jesus.


The Gospels are not based on historical facts.


People of virtually any religious persuasion believe Jesus to be an extraordinary person.


The Jews have always considered Yahweh, the name of God revealed to Moses, too sacred to be spoken.


The title Christ literally means, "anointed one."


Jesus did not embrace his Jewish heritage; he considered himself a Christian, not a Jew.


A covenant is a special relationship between God and people.


When Jesus read from a scroll in the synagogue and said those words were fulfilled in him that day, he was reading a passage from the New Testament.


By eating with sinners, Jesus demonstrated that he approved of the sins they committed.


Mary was probably about twenty when she bore Jesus.


In Jesus' time a Jewish man's wife and children were considered to be his property.


Monogamy was not yet recognized as the ideal by Jesus' time.


Jesus was a shepherd, an occupation he had, before his public ministry.


Unlike other Gospels, John's Gospel proclaims that Jesus as the Son of God at its starting point.


The Gospel infancy narratives are nearly identical.


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