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Creed Exam

First Death
the end of the soul's life on earth
Church Suffering
departed souls undergoing purification in purgatory
The bodily return of Christ to earth in glory
the diverse liturgical traditions in which the one catholic and
apostolic faith has come to be expressed and celebrated in various cultures and lands
Marks of the Church
the attributes of the Church Christ founded, mentioned in the
Nicene Creed
the name given to the assembly of people God has called from
the ends of the earth
manifestations of God that point the way to the promise of a
serves the spiritual needs of a community outside of a
parish; for example, an army unit, a hospital, or a convent of nuns
a man chosen as special advisor to the pope who helps
elect the new pope
an object that is revered due to its association with a saint
Particular Judgment
the soul's reward immediately after death based on its work
and faith
Immaculate Conception
from the first moment of her conception, Mary was preserved
from original sin
Doctors of the Church
authors of great holiness whose writings have significantly
advanced the cause of Christ in his Church; currently 33 of them
an advocate or defense attorney; can also mean "consoler"
Mary was taken up body and soul into heaven when the course
of her earthly life was finished
an honorary member of the papal household, usually
honored for administrative or educational achievements. The title may also be used by deans
Catholic Church
the Church established by Christ on the foundation of the
apostles, possessing the fullness of the means of salvation
Perpetual Virginity
Mary remained a virgin her entire life
Universal Church
all the Catholic faithful around the world
leader of a province; may also work in the curia or as an
ambassador from the Vatican to a state
Consecrated Life
a permanent state of life recognized by the Church, entered
freely as a response to God's call, and characterized by professing the evangelical counsels
Particular Church
the faithful in one diocese
Last Judgment
God's triumph over the revolt of evil which confirms the eternal
fate of each creature
Church Militant
all members of the Church living on earth
the remission before God of the temporal punishment due to
sin whose guilt has already been forgiven
Mother of God
a holy one who leads a life in union with God through the grace
of Christ and receives the reward of eternal life
Church Triumphant
departed souls dwelling with God in heaven
Second Death
the loss of eternal happiness by being condemned to hell
Church Fathers
theologians and writers of the first eight centuries great in
holiness and learning
saint with a special love, connection, or power of intercession
for a city, region, country, object, or group of people
Perpetual Sinlessness
Mary committed no actual sins during her lifetime
honor and respect shown to saints, sacred objects, and images
the final purification of the elect before their entrance into
Vicar Foraine
oversees a group of several parishes called a vicariate or