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what does vlek do ery morning at the POW river

take a bath in the river

how does lucia get revenge on Vladek when she hears of his engagement

she writes an incriminating letter to Anja

in what city did Vladek live before he met Anja


what does vladek eventually do to the soldier he kills


what did vladeks father do to try to prevent his joinin the army

he intentionally starved him

when vladek and anja return from the sanitarium, what has happened to their factory

ithas been robbed

to whom does anja give communist documents for hiding

her neighbor

what does anja's father give to vladek to assist with his career

a textile factory

in vladeks dream at the POW camp, on what day will he be released

parshas truma

how many germans did he killl in one of the fights


how does the elder vladek exercise

stationary bike

in what country is the sanitarium to which anja is brought after she becomes depresssed


what stands out about vladeks hands when they are examined by a german soldier?

they are very delicate

what was vladeks business before he meets anja


approx. how many pills does vladek take each day?


at what age did vladek first go into the army


wha game does the POW play at the camp


at the POW camp, who visits vladek in a dream?

his grandfather

who introduces vladek to anja

his cousin

who was the 1st person to find anja's body?


where was art living three months before his mother killed herself

a mental hospital

where did mala's parents die


where do anja and vladek stay during their first ngiht back in sosnowiec after escaping from the ghetto

mr lubowskis

where does mala move after she ends her relationship with vladek


why does vladeks father cross over to the "bad side" at the stadium registration

to help his daughter adn her children

according to art, what was at the gate of the auschwitz camp

an orchestra

what name does vladek call art justt before his nap at the end of the boook


in what language does vladek tutror his polishgaurd


to prevent being taken away by patrolling germans in sosnowiec, where does vladek acquire work papers?

a tinsmith

francoise is drawn as what kind of animal


when vladek returns to sosnowiec from the POW campy, how many people are living in anja's father's house


what does mala find that makes vladek so upset

an old comic of arts

what does madelbaum lose while in the concentration camp


waht does vladek do in hissleep

moans loudly

what chore does vladek ask art to help him with on his third visit to rego part

fix a drain pipe on roof

what does vladek want to return to the grocery story

half eaten boxes of food

at the registration at the stadium, who sends vladeks father to the "good" side

cousin mordecai

on his 1st trip to the black market upon his release from the POW camp, who does Vladek encounter?

mr ilzecki

wht job does haskel provide for vladek

a shoe repair shop

where does vladek meet mrs. motonowwa

the black market

what job is the kapo able to get for vladek


how does richieu die

he is poisoned by his aunt

why does a=mala call and wake up art early in the morning

his fater had a heart attack

who calims vladek as a coujsin to gaurantee hsi release at Lbulin


what did Vladek doig durin ghis first conversation with Anjya at the concetraiton camp?

fixing a roof

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