14 terms

ch 43-47 test

bc it leaned toward Bolshevism
Weimar Republic unpopular
remained democratis after ww1
bc lack of markets, stronger competition, less technology
unemployment in GB
dislike toward european allies, world leader, consumer economy
US in interwar era
germans reparations on schedule, private ownershup, unemployment under control
Europe on eve of GD
Great October Revolution
bosheviks seiz cities, lenin establishes dictatorship, peaantts seize land
orginization, industrial areas in russia, propoganda
red success in russia
Sun Yat-Sen
change came from bottom-up
kang Yu Wei
USSR not involved, japan is agressive, mussilini is not poppunished
downfall of league of nations
Battle of Dunkirk
hitlers wasted opurtunity to destroy alies
Battle of Britian
fought in the air
Battle of Midway
japanese navy crippled
Battle of Stalingrad
2 million lives lost- western/europen turning point