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UWorld patrick

MVP prolapse
gets better with squatting
- increased LVEDV facillitates proper closure
valsalva maneuver and standing
most murmurs diminished except HCM and MVP
squatting + passive leg raising
most murmurs become louder except HCM and MVP
handgrip exericise
murmurs of MR, VSD, AR, become louder
murmur of HCM decreases
two sample T test
determine if the means of two populations is equal
null hypothesis is rejected
- null hypothesis --> no difference between two groups
- can be used for more then two groups
chi square test
determines if expected freq of occurence goes along with the observed freq of occurence
staph aureus and pathogenesis of valvular defect
minor endothelial damage --> binding of staph aureus --> platelet + fibrin deposition leads to formation of vegetation --> emboli
congenital QT prolongation
mutations in genes coding for K and Na channels
- assoc with congenital neurosensory deafness
- prediposed to syncopal episodes + torsades de pointes
dobutamine effect of PV curve of heart
increased contractilty
- increased pressure + CO
- causes decreased ESV and widening of PV loop
clamping abominal aorta on PV loop
increase afterload
- increase ESV and increased pressure
- Curve gets taller and skinnier
loss of contractilty
ejection time would be decreased
- the isovolumetric relaxation would be right shifted, indicated increased ESV
- blood left in heart
production of ACE
produced by endothelial vasculature particularlily pulmonary
- AI --> AII
coronary sinus
endpoint for venous drainage of coronary arteries
- drains into RA so anything that increase RA pressure like Pulmonary HTN will dilate coronary sinus
combination of Ca channel blockers and B-blockers
non-dihydropyridine type Ca channel blockers and B-adrenergic blockers
- additive negative effects on HR, AV node conduction, and myocardial contractility
- severe bradycardia and hypotension