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The Great Gatsby Exam Review


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The story is told by
Nick Carroway
Nick meets Gatsby when
they meet at the party
Jordan Baker's boredom with life is shown by
her constant yawning
Daisy believes the best thing a girl can be in this world is
a little fool
Four adjectives which would best describe Gatsby's parties are
fun, rich, crowded, and interesting
The area between Long Island and the city is called_____ and is presided over by _____
valley of ashes, Dr. T.J. Eckleberg
Nick sees Gatsby staring across the water at
Daisy's dock
Myrtle Wilson may be totally contrasted with Daisy as
Myrtle- middle class/Gaudy; Daisy- classy/sophisticated
The party at Tom's city apartment ends abruptly when
Tom punches Myrtle
When he attends Gatsby's party, the only person Nick knows is
Nick learns from Jordan the story of
Gatsby and Daisy's relationship
Daisy did not marry Gatsby because
he was poor
The big mystery about Gatsby's money was
where it came from
Nick made arrangements for a meeting between_____ at _____
Daisy and Gatsby- his place
When they toured Gatsby's mansion, Daisy is most emotionally affected by
Gatsby had inherited money from
Dan Cody
When the group goes to the city, Tom drives
Gatsby's yellow coupe
Myrtle is jealous when she thinks that _____ is _____
Daisy- Tom's wife
Myrtle Wilson is killed by _____ but _____ takes the blame
Daisy- Gatsby
Wilson shoots Gatsby because
he thinks he was Myrtle's lover and killed her