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d) reducing the use of assembly-line production

Effects of the auto industry's growth included all of the following EXCEPT:
a) boosting the petroleum and oil industries
b)increasing the number of service stations
c) spurring large increases in building residential homes
d) reducing the use of assembly-line production

b) chemical industry

DuPont emerged as a powerful corporation in the:
a) steel industry
b) chemical industry
c) movie industry
d) housing construction industry

c) using the mass growth of commercial television to promote films

Innovations in the movie industry of the 1920s included all of the following EXCEPT:
a) the advent of sound film
b) publicizing popular new film stars
c) using the mass growth of commercial television to promote films
d) integrating production with distribution and promotion


The term _____ refers to a situation in which a few large companies control an industry.

b) the extension of collective bargaining rights for unskilled laborers

All of the following were aspects of the open shop campaign EXCEPT:
a) the movement was an attempt to break union shop contracts
b) the extension of collective bargaining rights for unskilled laborers
c) workers often had to sign yellow dog contracts that rejected union
d) powerful companies refused to do business with companies who had union labor

corporations could undercut unions by providing certain benefits

Proponents of welfare capitalism believed that:

the presidency and both houses of Congress

After the 1920 election, Republicans controlled:

became substantially more pro-buisness

During the Harding administration, the Supreme Court:

involved government officials illegally leasing land to oil companies

The Teapot Dome scandal:

continued Harding's business themes

Calvin Coolidge:

provided federal funds for infant and maternity care

The Sheppard-Towner Act:

d) the majority of American still lived in rural areas

Which statement about living patterns in the1920s is NOT true?
a) African-Americans migrated in large numbers to northern cities
b) Suburbs began to emerge as the middle class grew
c) older industrial cities of North continued to grow
d) the majority of American still lived in rural areas

to escape the confining segregation of the South, for more jobs opportunities were available in the North, and racial discrimination was not a part of life in the North

Black migrated to the urban North for all of the following reasons:

d) ending housing and job discrimination in the North

Effects of the Great Migration included all of the following Except:
a) encouraging the cultural pride of African Americans
b) increasing the number of blacks who voted in local and national elections
c) developing new expressions of racial pride
d) ending housing and job discrimination in the North

featured some of the greatest literature, music, and visual art of the era

The Harlem Renaissance:

was made possible by the success of the car

Suburbanization in the 1920s:

African American

Jazz had its roots in ______ music.

c) professional football

Which sports was NOT enormously popular in the 1920s?
a) boxing
b) college football
c) professional football
d) baseball

became the first pilot to fly a place across the Atlantic

Charles Lindbergh became a celebrity when he:

b) Stephen Crane

Which writer is not associated with the lose Generation?
a) Ernest Hemingway
b) Stephen Crane
c) Sinclair Lewis
d) F. Scott Fitzgerald

southern and eastern Europeans and Japanese

The National Origins Act of 1924 was aimed at limiting the immigration of:


A 1929 law prohibited immigration from:

b) middle class or above

Which of the following was not a specific requirement for joining the Klan in the 1920s?
a) Protestant
b) middle class or above
c) native born
d) white

b) the KKK's membership was restricted to whites of any ethnic background

Which statement about the KKK is not true?
a) the KKK experienced an increase in membership during the 1920s
b) the KKK's membership was restricted to whites of any ethnic background
c)the KKK's beliefs embodied racism and fear of social change
d) the growth of the KKK was slowed by revelations of corruption and criminality

c) immigrants in urban ethnic areas

Which group would not have been strong supporters of prohibition?
a) female leaders of the temperance movement
b) fundamentalists preachers
c) immigrants in urban ethnic areas
d) protestant leaders in the South

evolutionary science

The Scopes Trial revealed fundamentalists' discomfort with:

John Scopes was acquired

A dramatic point of the Scopes Trial occurred when:

began an arms race with European powers

In the Kellogg-Briand Pact, the U.S :

restricting immigration of people who were not Anglo-Saxon

Nativists promoted:

the uneven distribution of wealth that existed beneath apparent prosperity

The most ominous trend of the 1920s was:

married women

After immigration laws were tightened, many low paying jobs went to:

a hunger for fame

In Charles Lindbergh and other heroes, Americans recognized:

a national culture

The growth of radio and other mass media in the 1920s produced:

created famous "jazz paintings"

Some members of the Lost Generation:

the right to teach evolution in schools

What legal right was at issue in the Scopes trial?

African Americans, Catholic, Jews, and immigrants

Who were the main targets of the KKK's terror?

women's desire to break with the past

Though relatively few in number, flappers represented:


What group lost some momentum as a result of the Scope trial?

tax evasion

Al Capone was convicted and jailed for:

Volstead Act

Passed in 1920, the ____ made it illegal for anyone to make, sell, or transport any drink that contained more than 1/2 or 1% of alcohol by volume.

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