Naval Records Management

What has replaced SECNAVINST 5212.5D (Navy and Marine Corps Records Disposition Manual) and SECNAVINST 5210.15A (Vital Records Program)?
SECNAV - M5210.1, Department of the Navy (DON), Navy Records Management Program, Records Management Manual
Who published the SECNAV - M5210.1, DON Recordes Management Manual?
DON Chief Information Officer
What manual contains guidelines for implementing life-cycle management of DON Records and provides procedures for the DON Records Management Program?
SECNAV - M5210.1, DON Records Management Manual
What naval records are authorized for emergency destruction when the United States is at war with another nation or hostile actions appears imminent?
ONLY those held outside the territorial limits of the continental United States
How are records retention standards numbered in the SECNAV M-5210.1?
According to SECNAV Manual 5210.1 (the Department of the Navy File Maintenance Procedures) and SSIC
What amount of space should be left when packing records in standard Federal Records Center (FRC) cartons?
Leave one inch of space of carton to permit easy withdrawal of folders for reference
How should you pack letter-size folders in standard FRC cartons?
Upright facing the numbered end while preserving the original file arrangement
How should you pack legal-size folders in standard FRC cartons?
Facing the "left" side of the carton while preserving the original file arrangement
What action is required PRIOR to shipping records to a Federal Records Center (FRC)?
Forward the original and one copy of the Standard Form (SF) 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt, to the FRC for approval. Hold one copy for your suspense file.
How should computer discs be packed for shipping to a Federal Records Center?
In special FRC cartons available for them, packed vertically on their edges (never flat or horizontally)
How should cartons be marked for shipping to a Federal Records Center?
Using a permanent black felt-tip marker, write the full accession number and the approved SF 135 in the front upper left corner of each carton
Should you use labels to mark cartons for shipping cartons to the Federal Records Center (FRC)?
NO! Always write the accession number and box number directly on the box
What form is used with a letter or memorandum to request reference service from a Federal Reocrds Center (FRC)?
Optional Form (OF) 11, Reference Request-Federal Records Center
How is the retention period calculated, when it is expressed (in SECNAV - M5210.1) in terms of years or months?
The period is calculated commencing with the cut off date
What is meant by a "retirement period" for records?
The period of time which records are to be retained before being removed from a current files area to a designated local storage area. (NOTE: A retirement period must be distinguished from a retention period)
How are activities notified should it become necessary to move records within the FRC?
NA Form 13016, Notice of Accession Location Change, is mailed the month following the relocation